The Only Minimalist Pieces Of Jewelry You'll Need To Ace Effortless Cool

I've never been one for earrings, necklaces, or rings that err on the side of kitschy or costume-y, instead opting for pieces that boast a more simplistic appeal. Minimalist pieces of jewelry have always drawn my eye, which makes sense seeing as my wardrobe is largely composed of denim bottoms and black staples. (If I could rock kitsch well I would.) I like getting dressed to feel easy and worry-free but also always want to feel finessed, and pieces that have a certain timeless (and easy!) cool to them will ensure every outfit fits the bill.

From sculptural metal earrings that look like wearable works of art to necklaces featuring delicate charms, minimalist jewelry runs the gamut. If you want it to still make a major statement, it can; but if you prefer it subtly accentuates a look rather than make it, it can do that too. I picked out 10 pieces of jewelry from all over the spectrum that will appeal to your taste and seeing as they're each under $100, it would be crazy not to pick out of a few. After all, a new season is right around the corner so give your wardrobe a refresh via some truly drool-worthy accessories.

Silver Lining

There's something about a super dainty choker that just screams cool, no matter what type of outfit you pair it with. Wear it alone or layered with other small charm necklaces—either way, it's a must-own.

Looking Stellar

Astrological and cosmic jewelry will never not be cool, so why not add this pair of delicate gold hoops featuring tiny falling stars to your accessories lineup?

Pearly Whites

Pearls are having an unexpected resurgence right now, so add a few to your daily jewelry look via this beautiful rose gold ear cuff.

Shine Bright

Layering on tons of delicate metal rings is another beautiful way to ace minimalist chic and this star-engraved band could hang with the best of them.

Opposites Attract

Can't choose between silver or gold earrings? This pair lets you wear both. An amoeba-like charm hangs from standard hoops, and honestly the shapes are a match made in heaven.

Versace, Versace, Versace

Yes, you can afford something form Donatella's famed label that you'll want to wear on the daily! This ring featuring Versace's logo might be small, but it packs a mighty high fashion punch.

Charmed, And You?

Don't bash the anklet before you've given it another shot! This tiny gold option featuring small shell charms just might be exactly what your vacation wardrobe needs.

Missing Links

If you like bracelets and rings that are ultra lightweight and delicate, this two-in-one hand chain could be your new favorite piece of jewelry. It's an unexpected alternative to more classic styles but isn't the least bit cumbersome.

It's A Wrap

Because a simple gold bangle will never go out of style.

Go For Gold

A cooler step up from the plain gold hoop, these earrings feature tiered charms.