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The Meaning Of Kylie Jenner's Ring Is About Travis Scott & Jordyn Woods & It's SO Cute


I know you're probably wondering if Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are going to get married, and I am too, but today is not that day. Fans perked up after Jenner snapped a photo of a mysterious ring on a certain finger, but the reality TV star was quick to explain it was not what we all thought it might be. The meaning of Kylie Jenner's ring does have something to do with Scott, but it also has something to do with her bestie, Jordyn Woods. For the most part, it's just a sparkly (expensive) token there to remind her of two of her favorite people.

The ring in question is a delicate little sparkler with the letters "JW" glimmering on top. Jenner showed off the detail in a Snapchat picture showing her hand on a steering wheel, (classic Kylie), with the ring specifically placed on her ring finger. Die-hards might know Travis Scott's real name is actually Jacques Webster, causing some of us (me) to think maybe this is a placeholder engagement ring, or even a promise ring. However, Jenner explained the "JW" in her Snapchat caption, writing, "Jacques Webster & Jordyn Woods. Real Ones, Ok..."

Ugh, FINE, Kylie.

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According to E! News, jewelry designer XIV Karats confirmed on Instagram they're behind the tiny little masterpiece, though their account is private. The company says the ring is available in 14kt yellow, white and rose gold and comes in white or black diamonds. Purchasing one will run you anywhere between $400 and $450.

Fans have been basking in Jenner's glorious return to social media and eating up every post and picture she shares with us. Only recently did she post the first photo of her holding new baby Stormi, and later she snapped a close up of her daughter's adorable cheeks. Fans also caught a quick glimpse of Stormi's nursery, which is totally decorated in butterflies, obvi.

Scott also got in on the baby social media action, sharing a photo of sweet Stormi's face with the caption, "Our little rager !!!"

One source told E! News Jenner and Scott are loving being a little family. The insider shared,

A different source close to the family also confirmed to E! News that Jenner is doing great as a new mom and adapting to her new lifestyle fairly easily. Of course, her family is there to help, too. The source said,

Another insider also told E! News,

Not that I know anything about being a mother, but that sounds about right. As for Scott, the source added,

I can't be happier for everyone involved here. If you need me, I'll be furiously googling knockoff initial rings and finding an Uber driver that will let me stage a photo on his steering wheel.

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