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This Month's Full Moon May Be A Bit Chaotic For These 3 Zodiac Signs

Every full moon touts its own brand of magic. This is when the moon forms a direct opposition with the sun — a powerful moment that takes place every 28 days — evoking a maelstrom of emotion and intensity. In astrology, the moon is symbolic of your inner world, your subconscious, and the part of you that remains hidden beneath a shadow. The sun, on the other hand, shines a light on you and describes what can be seen — your character, your identity, and your overall sense of self. When these two celestial bodies are at odds, one of them has to give, making this a moment of change, culmination, and reward. However, for the zodiac signs who will have the worst January 2021 full moon, it may just be a breaking point.

Taking place in bright, fiery, creative, and passionate Leo on Jan. 28 at 2:16 p.m. EST, this full moon poses an interesting conundrum in and of itself. For one thing, Leo is the sign that is ruled by the sun in astrology. When the moon is in Leo, it doesn't shy away from the spotlight or hide behind shadows as the moon is known for doing. In Leo, it wants to be seen and it definitely wants to be heard.

As if that wasn't intense enough, this full moon involves a fixed sign T-Square that's comprised of six planets: the sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Mars, and the full moon. This indicates a pressure cooker of cosmic energy that's just waiting to burst. If you're caught in the throes of all this bottled-up energy, you might just wind up seeing some of its chaos unfurl in your life. If you were born under the influence of Taurus, Scorpio, or Aquarius, you can expect this full moon to leave a major mark on you.


Taurus: Your Private Life Is Being Put On Blast

It's often a lot easier to polish off a professional, carefree image for the rest of the world to see than it is to keep your private life together. This full moon will land in your fourth house of home and family, forcing you to reckon with some of the conflicts that may be waiting for you in your personal space. Issues related to your technical problems at home as well as unaddressed concerns with relatives may come up during this time. This full moon might be an emotional experience in which you become aware of the ways you need to be nurtured and cared for in your life, Taurus.

Scorpio: Your Reputation And Your Public Image Is On The Line

This full moon is all about your career, Scorpio. Landing in your professional 10th house of social status, this full moon is all about the image that you project and whether you're taking authority over your goals and your success. This full moon may evoke conflict with a superior as you struggle to prove yourself. It may also shine a light on the ways you could be more ambitious or dedicated to your career pursuits. This full moon can be a motivating experience, but that doesn't mean it won't feel like a lot of pressure too.

Aquarius: When You Grow, Your Relationships Often Change Too

There's no way you can stay the same forever and expect your relationships to remain the same too, Aquarius. The idea that people can maintain deep friendships forever with minimal conflict is a rarity, as most meaningful relationships are tumultuous experiences filled with both lightness and darkness — and there's nothing wrong with that. However, this full moon may leave you reassessing some of your relationships and considering whether you've outgrown some of them. It may also reveal who you can truly count on.