The Girl Who Wears Black Wants You To Know These 7 Things

This girl is always painting it black. Her looks are picture-perfect, but you rarely see her in any color that's even a touch brighter. In your friend crew, she's the one who's a little edgy and can rock a leather jacket like no other. Even in the summertime, she's finding a way to sport her favorite fashion and beat the heat, too. You don't quite know how she pulls it off, and you might even assume she just loves to wear black all the time because she's in some sort of mood. But the girl who wears black is seriously misunderstood — even by her closest besties. And she wants you to know what's really up with her wardrobe.

Whoever said orange is the new black was seriously wrong. To this girl, there's no other color that's worth having in her closet. She could go shopping and tell herself she's going to branch out, and yet she'll still come home with the same color scheme that's established her signature style for years. Hey, I don't blame her; it's hard to stray away from something you love so much, especially when it comes to your fashion sense.

Deep down, this girl knows that, one day, her looks could change. But for now, she's oh-so comfortable in her charcoal cut-off jeans and jet black boots. Everywhere she goes, she brings a bit of edge and an air of cool confidence that you rarely ever see. But, she also knows that not everybody understands these seven things about her.

She's Not Moody

Wearing all black doesn't automatically mean you're moody. It's easy to see how dark colors could come across as a bit stand-offish, and how people might not want to approach this girl in public. But, she wants you to know that her palette doesn't match her mood one bit. She honestly loves getting social and meeting new people, and you'll love her sarcastic and salty side just the same.

Sure, we all have our days when PMS hits, and we want to be blatantly blunt on social media about our feels. Or there are the days when all the stress from Monday has made its way into the rest of the week.

Bottom line: Don't blame this girl if you see her being a little bitter. Just know that, like anyone else, she's happy to be here, too.

She's Social

This girl is oh-so approachable. On a Saturday night, she's surrounded by her besties at the bar looking stylish. And in a coffee shop on a Wednesday morning, she's the one hanging out in the corner with her laptop and a classic cup of iced coffee on the side. Her fashion sense says nothing about her social life. So, while you may expect this girl to be very cold to the rest of the world, she's actually one of the most welcoming.

Don't let her leather jacket turn you away from one of the coolest conversations you could ever have. This girl has a lot of stories to tell, and you'll want to be around to hear them all. Especially when you're a 20-something, it can be a struggle to make new friends, but the girl who wears all black wants you to know she's always open to new soul sisters.

She's Not Lazy

Just because she sticks to a single color in her style, doesn't mean she doesn't care about her appearance. In fact, putting black pieces together can be just as hard as combining any other colors. A leather jacket or a pair of skinny jeans won't always go with the rest of her look, or work for the summertime seasons.

Truth is, she likes to put in the effort, especially where she thinks it counts the most: in her friendships, relationships, and her dreams, which she's always bold enough to follow. She lives life by her own playbook and picks up the clothes on her floor at the end of the week, too.

Life's all about balance, and wearing all black allows her to hustle and pursue her passions with a fierce personality. There's nothing like wearing all black to boost your confidence a bit in the real world.

She's Stylish

Seriously, wearing all black all the time can be daring for any girl, regardless of style or personality. When this girl gets up in the morning, she's not looking to just throw on an oversized sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers. She wants to break out the booties and the gold chokers that truly complement her everyday look. Style is important to her, and in the words of our favorite man in fashion, Tim Gunn, she's "making it work."

You'll always notice how trendy and completely chic she looks. There's something about the color black that never goes out of style, that always manages to give you that catwalk strut no matter what. The real world is most definitely your runway, if you choose to make it that way, and this girl wants you to know there's an art to her appearance.

She's Thoughtful

The girl who wears all black isn't totally checked out from the real world. She actually has a whole lot of love for her crew, and she can be oh-so thoughtful with even the littlest things. Yeah, her style can make her appear a bit stand-offish, or like she's in a forever #mood. But, when you look beyond all the layers of black, there's a heart of gold.

She's such a good listener, and she loves to people-watch. That time you two went shopping together and saw that cute outfit in the window? Expect to see it wrapped up in a present for your birthday in a few months — she's likely already gone back and bought it for you.

This girl lives to make memories with her besties, and trust me, you want someone like her for a shoulder to cry on, and for all your wildest adventures.

She's Artsy

This girl is one of a kind. She's never been one to go with the group, and she loves being the leader of her own pack. Being artsy requires you to be unique and create visionary work all the time. Despite what her outfit might say, she lives for her palette and the chance to get creative.

They say that if you want to be an artist, or even if you want to go into fashion, you should dress like the designer instead of the model. Truth is, your work becomes the most exciting part of your picture, and you're making mistakes and beautiful messes outside of your own closet.

Creators tend to stick to something minimalistic when it comes to their personal style, and you'll likely see them in a trendy and sleek jumpsuit or just a casual pair of jeans. This girl wants you to know she's proud to stand in this creative crowd.

She's Bold

Sometimes we think that bright colors are a sign of a bold person. But wearing all black can actually give off the same vibe, because it's still quite the style statement. This girl wants you to know that being edgy can be just as effective as pulling off those pops of red, and that she's effortlessly strong in every aspect of life.

Just because she sports an all-neutral look every day, doesn't mean she's hoping to fall into the background, or become a follower in the crowd. The flame inside of her burns bright, and she wants to put all of her focus on her surroundings instead of her fashion. She's amazing at looking at the bigger picture and creating inspiration just with her personality.

Don't ever underestimate this girl, because she'll surely prove you wrong — and she'll do it wearing black, always.