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The Full Blue Moon On Halloween Will Prove Magic Is *Real*

2020 has been such a wild ride and it's probably been filled with just as much disappointment. However, if you were concerned that the state of the world would make this a boring Halloween, your concerns are misplaced, because astrology is making damn sure that this year's Halloween is something you won't easily forget. A full moon will rise on Oct. 31 at 10:49 a.m. ET. As if that wasn't magical enough, this full moon also happens to be a blue moon (aka a second full moon within the same calendrical month). It doesn't matter if you don't believe in magic, because the full moon on Halloween 2020 will prove that magic is freakin' real.

Before we get into what makes this full moon so spooktacular (aside from the obvious), let's discuss what a full moon is really all about. This is when the sun and the moon form an exact opposition in astrology. While the sun rules over your ego, your character, and your external self, the moon rules over your emotions, your subconscious, and your internal self. When these two planets are at odds, the part of you that is seen clashes with the part of you that is unseen. Secrets are revealed, tensions reach boiling points, and there's an overall feeling of being on edge. A full moon also tends to bring on endings, revelations, and rewards, so pay attention to any situations or themes that come up during this time.

This upcoming Halloween blue moon takes place in grounded, earthly, and reliable Taurus as it opposes the sun in dark, transformative, and penetrating Scorpio. Attachment issues may come up during this time, as well as your ability to manage chaos and create stability in your life. You may also find it difficult to let go, as Taurus and Scorpio are both signs that commit for the long haul. However, that's only the tip of the iceberg.


The Full Moon In Taurus Takes Place On Oct. 31 At 10:49 a.m. ET

There's no way of knowing what's going to happen when this full moon takes place. This uneasiness is all thanks to the fact that this full moon will form an exact conjunction with Uranus — planet of erratic change — leading to all sorts of spooky surprises. During this full moon, you're essentially tiptoeing through a haunted Halloween maze and bracing yourself for all the creepy monsters that are waiting in the shadows to jump at you. The surprises will be that adrenaline-inducing.

That's not even the end of all the spookiness. Mercury retrograde and Mars retrograde are both entering the scene, evoking confusion, miscommunications, fiery tempers, and inconveniences galore. Mercury retrograde has the tendency to bring back ghosts from your past (aka that ex you really would rather not run into) and Mars retrograde has the tendency to reveal the monster that lies within you, dormant and waiting. Will this cosmic horror movie ever end?

Nope, it definitely isn't over yet. Mercury retrograde is also forming an unnerving and edgy square with Saturn — planet of boundaries and limitations — flushing the whole experience with darkness. It could feel difficult to make yourself heard and even more difficult understanding what others are saying. It might feel like no matter how hard you try, you're somehow running into walls. The whole experience can be a real downer.

However, take some advice from all the horror movies you'll most certainly be watching this Halloween and don't give up. Even if the monster has got you cornered, remember that survivors come up with some last minute maneuver to outsmart them. Treat whatever may be bothering you on this full moon like the monster you know you can beat.