This Month's New Moon Will Be Beautiful For 3 Zodiac Signs

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Do you feel overwhelmed with everything going on in your life? Do you feel disorganized, unfocused, and aimless? No matter how difficult things get, there will always be a new moon around the corner that contains a second chance. When the moon is at this fertile and potent phase of the lunar cycle, your spiritual slate is wiped clean and you start over. It's a time to let go of everything you've been carrying so that you can turn over a new leaf and try again. It's not always as easy a process as it sounds, but for the zodiac signs who will have the best new moon of February 2021, it will at least be a beautiful one.

This new moon, which takes place on Feb. 11 at 2:05 p.m. EST, is brimming with beautiful, colorful, and compassionate energy. It's bolstered by chaotic, impulsive, and volatile energy as well. This new moon will form a square with aggressive Mars, which ups the ante and increases the level of passion infused within the experience. This could leave you feeling touchy and possibly angry, however, you can harness this energy to motivate you even more to get what you want in life.

As affectionate Venus joins forces with expansive Jupiter during this new moon, it will invite abundance energy into your life, especially into your relationships. Social connections will become more exciting, romantic relationships will become more meaningful, and positivity might encompass your whole reality. While you may have the tendency to overindulge, there's no doubt you'll be surrounded by pleasure.

Taking place in fixed air sign Aquarius, this new moon is also about humanitarian causes, community efforts, and visionary ideas. Use it to believe in a future that works for everyone. If you're a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, you'll be pioneering that future.

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Gemini: You're Embracing Abundance And So Much Positivity

This new moon is about infusing your perspective with optimism and seeing the beauty that surrounds you. Work on opening your mind and seeing things from a different perspective. Get out of your normal routine and visit a new place. Talk to someone who's nothing like you. Read a book you wouldn't normally have the desire to read. This new moon is helping you see the world in a completely new light, and chances are, you'll realize there's more light than you originally thought.

Libra: Your Heart Is Bursting With Creative And Romantic Energy

If you've been dragging your feet and waiting for inspiration to strike, this new moon will be a revitalizing experience. Prepare for creative energy to flow toward you like waves, tapping into your ability to produce color, music, and story. Not only are you feeling more artistic, but you're also feeling more in touch with your romantic inclinations. You might feel ready to tell your crush you have feelings for them or set up a grand gesture to make your lover feel loved. You can turn your life into a love story if you feel like it.

Aquarius: You're Embarking On A New Chapter In Your Life

You may not know where you're headed next, but you do know it will be somewhere significant. This new moon is overflowing with powerful energy and it's pouring all of that energy directly upon you. The cosmos are encouraging you to tap into yourself — your true self; the self that has long been left undiscovered and possibly even repressed. Forget your concern for what other people think or what other people will say, because you're changing and you might as well embrace the beautiful process that it is.