The Upcoming Aquarius New Moon Is About Expanding Your Relationships

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Gather your bearings, because you are about to witness a new moon for the ages. This new moon will tap into your inner warrior, inspiring you to identify your talents and then use them to make the world a better place. It will encourage you to gather with like-minded individuals and forge a community that takes care of one another. In short, the February 2021 new moon will give you so much hope if you've been struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, as with every tunnel, you must first walk through the darkness.

A new moon is the phase of the lunar cycle in which the moon is shrouded in shadows — but what does that mean astrologically? Well, this is when the moon — ruler of your inner self and subconscious — and the sun — ruler of your outer self and your conscious mind — meet in the exact same degree and zodiac sign to form a conjunction. This alignment signifies a new beginning as you let go of the old and invite the new.

As the new moon is blanketed in the darkness of the night, it acts as fertile soil for the next chapter of your life. If you make a point of starting a project on the new moon, you're infusing it with beneficial energy, as the new moon natural inclination is to give your goal a boost. You'll watch this goal grow and develop over the course of time, and when the corresponding full moon takes place six months later, the finished result will be ready for harvest. You may have made mistakes along the way, but you also made brilliant choices too, and all of it will have begun on the night of the new moon.

The New Moon In Aquarius Takes Place On Feb. 11 At 2:05 p.m. EST

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This upcoming new moon takes place in Aquarius, the fixed air sign that's known as the "water bearer" in astrology, and this symbolic explanation says so much. After all, water is the life force that sustains you. It feeds the earth and keeps you nourished. In astrology, "water" is tied to your emotions and the state of your heart. With Aquarius being the one to "bear" water for everyone else, they're a natural caretaker and humanitarian who's natural instinct is to carry the world toward a better future.

This new moon will tap into that desire, but you may find yourself working through negativity before you embrace that desire. As this new moon forms a square with combative Mars, this new moon could bring hidden frustrations to the surface as you emotionally release all the tension you've been carrying. Injustice, whether it's being done to you or someone else, will leave a particularly potent mark on you, inspiring you to fight against these negative forces.

Fortunately, there will be so many people who will stand with you and fight alongside you. As Venus — planet of love and friendship — forms a conjunction with expansive and optimistic Jupiter, this new moon might inspire all sorts of exciting and enchanting new relationships. These relationships will inspire you to grow in a multitude of ways and you may find yourself becoming closer to others much more intensely and much more quickly.

As both the new moon and Venus connect with the North Node (aka your ultimate destiny), you can rest assured the cosmos are pulling you in the right direction. Even if the experience feels uncomfortable, tense, or overwhelming, it's removing what's standing in the way of the life you're meant to have and putting you in the right position. Trust in it.

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