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3 Zodiac Signs Will Feel A Deep & Emotional Impact During Tonight's Full Moon

One of the beautiful things about astrology is how it reminds you that you're on a constant journey. Throughout your life, you're perpetually fleshing out a story, and while you have a say in where this story goes, astrology will point out opportunities for change and growth. One of these opportunities is the full moon, a moment of culmination and completion that takes place each and every month. A full moon causes your subconscious inner world to rise to the surface, revealing truths that may have been previously unknown to you. However, processing these truths isn't always easy, and that fact will be especially relevant to the zodiac signs who will have the worst February 2021 full moon.

The upcoming full moon takes place in organized, detail-oriented, and precise Virgo. This mutable earth sign is known for its soothing and pragmatic energy, making this full moon a perfect time to unpack your aspirations and set smaller goals that will lead you to success. Things like mapping out your routine, getting errands done, and rethinking your health and self-care regimens go far under a Virgoan atmosphere.

However, despite how focused and rational Virgo can be, this full moon might leave you feeling overly sensitive, as though you're not in control over your emotions. Forming an opposition with empathetic Neptune, this full moon might lead your heart into strange directions, making it difficult to make judgments that are based on the facts rather than the whims of your feelings. But sometimes, emotional revelations can lead to brilliant ideas, because this full moon will also form a trine with eccentric and progressive Uranus, tapping into a vein of innovation.

When this full moon takes place on Feb. 27 at 3:17 a.m. ET, it will have a deep and emotional impact on air signs. Here's why:

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Gemini: You May Feel Like Your Heart Is Overflowing With Emotion

This full moon is asking you to take stock of what truly matters in life. Oftentimes, what truly matters isn't projecting an outer image of success or attaining the approval of others. What matters is waiting for you at home; it's your family, your loved ones, and your sacred space. This full moon might open your heart in ways you're not used to, revealing all the ways you need to nurture and be nurtured in return. If you've been feeling off center lately, this full moon will encourage you to reconnect with your heart, Gemini.

Libra: You Might Be Processing Some Heavy Realizations

This full moon will be a very personal and private experience for you, Libra. It's concerned with your dreams, your subconscious, and your imagination. It may even encourage you to embrace introspection and dig deep within your soul to understand yourself better. Chances are, you may be processing intuitive downloads that might rock your reality. Sometimes, the truth doesn't fit in with the reality you imagined, but that doesn't make the truth any less the truth. Give yourself time to allow these newly uncovered truths to sink in.

Aquarius: You're Getting To Know Your Shadow Side

This full moon may leave you feeling pessimistic and overly negative, Aquarius. In fact, it may bring up fears and concerns you harbor from deep within. However, this full moon will also be a transformative experience that will cause you to become stronger. But in order for you to truly embrace that transformation, you must be prepared to truly face your fears. Remember, just because you're afraid doesn't mean you're not brave. Being brave means doing something even though it scares you. On this full moon, make a point of overcoming a fear that's been holding you back.