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The Emotional Meaning Of Virgo Season Is About Self-Improvement

by Valerie Mesa

The season of the harvest is now in session, and the sun's golden rays are beginning to fade, which can only mean fall isn't far behind. The sun entered Virgo on Aug. 22, and the emotional meaning of Virgo season 2020 highlights everything that revolves around your well-being, daily rituals, responsibilities, and acts of service. What can you tweak, edit, and modify in your day-to-day life? Which area of your life could use some improvement?

Before jumping full force into Virgo season, ask yourself: What did you learn about yourself throughout Leo season? What new talent did you discover? In addition to being the peak of summer, this fixed season is equivalent to a cosmic recess. It's the season of children, laughter, joy, and authentic expression. This is precisely why everyone's out and about hiking, swimming, and celebrating the warm sunshine — but what happens when it's time to go back to school? This is where Virgo season comes in and, as always, there's a time and place for everything.

Once the sun enters Mercury-ruled Virgo, it's almost as if an alarm goes off inside, reminding you summer is almost over and winter's around the corner. Just like the tedious hustle and bustle of all things back-to-school, the essence of Virgo is all about the details, as this was when the ancients would prepare for the winter season and the longest nights to come. Are you ready to get to work?


It's no wonder Virgo season comes after Leo season. As soon as the scorching heat begins to fade, students all over start getting their school supplies ready for the new year (even if they're not necessarily returning to a classroom). Energies begin to shift like clockwork, and it's no different with the start of Virgo season. All 12 zodiac archetypes have a unique myth, and Virgo's is depicted by the maiden looking toward the horizon with nature's harvest in hand. The Virgo maiden intuitively senses the changes of the seasons and begins gathering the sustenance and resources needed to serve the people around her during the cold winter months ahead.

If you or any of your loved ones have personal placements in Virgo, then you're likely familiar with this mutable earth sign's desire to be of service. Tidy, efficient, productive, and naturally savvy, the fertility stemming from its mutable earth is truly one of a kind. Though there's really no comparing the strengths of each zodiac sign, it's no secret that Virgos are the evolved Leos. For instance, Leo's heart-centered passion focuses on celebrating one's divine light and authenticity, but Virgo puts this unique gift into motion. By all means, stay true to your most authentic self, but make sure you're utilizing these gifts for a good cause.

With this in mind, this celestial season brings forth the opportunity to tap into the brilliant energy of the clever messenger god Mercury. Both Gemini and Virgo's planetary ruler, Mercury governs all things related to communication, commerce, and cognitive functioning. According to Roman mythology, Mercury was the god's go-to interpreter, translator, and transporter of goods and messages, and this general resourcefulness is a quality Virgo knows best.

Are you ready to transform your day-to-day lifestyle for the better? How can you make the most of your immediate environment, contacts, skills, and resources? Everything from your current health routine to your due diligence will come up for review this season, and it's up to you to do what it takes to get organized. If there's one thing Virgo season is here to teach you it's that there's always room for improvement. The more you nurture yourself and your surroundings, the more you will thrive in your day-to-day life.