4 Zodiac Signs Most Compatible With Virgo, The Earthiest Earth Sign

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In these uncertain times, nothing's more stabilizing than the steady, reliable love of a Virgo. While this sign might not be known as one of the great romantics of the zodiac, perhaps they should be, because they have all the qualities you want in a partner — even if they don't go around being all flashy about it. But you probably already know that if you happen to be one of the zodiac signs most compatible with Virgo.

Virgo loves hard and fully, they're loyal and honest (yes, sometimes to a fault), and they take pride in caring for the people they love. Their ruling planet, Mercury, also means that they're both a great communicator and listener, so they're able to provide a shoulder to lean on and can work through issues maturely when they arise.

While there's plenty to love about this sign, catching their attention can prove to be a challenge. Virgo's known to be picky and, in this case, the stereotype fits. They have very high standards and also very little patience for games, so they're easily turned off by anyone who plays them or isn't living up to their potential. Rather than jump into a new romance, Virgo needs time to observe and analyze before opening up. This can make them seem a bit cold or hard to get. But they're worth the wait, since once they deem someone worthy of their affections, there's nothing Virgo won’t do for them. Just be prepared for all that affection and loyalty to come with a fair amount of constructive criticism. And as with any zodiac sign, there are a handful of other signs who are just more suited to appreciate all this earth sign has to offer. So, if you fall under any of these signs, consider yourself super compatible with your Virgo love.

Taurus & Virgo

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Virgo and Taurus are one of the most legendary matches in the zodiac, as these two are practically perfect together. Both of these signs have a very grounded and practical approach to life. They want the comforts of a steady, loving relationship, with a cozy home and a happy family (however they define that). Taurus helps Virgo get in touch with their softer, affectionate side, and while Virgo sometimes gets frustrated with Taurus' need for luxury, their practicality reigns supreme. These two are truly kindred spirits who value loyalty, affection, and security.

Cancer & Virgo

A Cancer and Virgo romance is built on the shared belief that love should be taken seriously. Both are very committed partners who don’t want to play games. They desire to be in a steady relationship that allows them to open up and be vulnerable without fear, and with one another they find that. This romance is a slow burn; it’s not hot and heavy to begin with because both signs take their time in opening up and learning to trust. Over time, however, this bond can be a powerful one as Cancer encourages Virgo to explore their emotional side, while Virgo helps Cancer to intellectualize things a bit more. They create a beautiful balance ideal for a long-term romance.

Scorpio & Virgo

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You might not think that a mysterious, passionate Scorpio and a practical, reserved Virgo would make an ideal match but, in reality, this is a pairing made in the heavens. Scorpio may be a force of nature, but at their core what they want is to be able to trust someone with their entire being and to find someone who won't ignite their darker nature. This is why Virgo, with their strong moral code and absolute loyalty, is a perfect fit for Scorpio. While Virgo can be a bit blunt, Scorpio never questions where their heart's at and that's just what they need. In return, Scorpio inspires Virgo to discover their passionate side. This connection is a hot one.

Capricorn & Virgo

As previously mentioned, Virgo is slow to open up to people, but there's one exception and that’s when they connect with Capricorn. Suddenly, Virgo's ready to throw everything to the wind because they know they can trust in Capricorn. There's nothing flighty of fickle about Capricorn. When they love, they love, and when they commit, they commit. It’s Virgo’s dream come true. Add to that Capricorn's ambition and ability to achieve their goals and Virgo's ready to swoon. For their part, Capricorn appreciates Virgo's methodical and practical mind along with their commitment to high standards. This is soulmate stuff.

Virgo might be one of the most underrated signs when it comes to romance, but fortunately these signs get it — and that makes them the lucky ones.