Emotional Meaning Of The April 2021 Full Super Pink Moon

You'll Be Swimming In Magic On The Night Of The April Full Super Pink Moon

While full moons are enchanting to look at, they're also vehicles for change. After all, this is when the moon is putting out the most energy, causing the scales to tip in a way that forces you to embark on a new path. Sometimes full moons can lead to revelations about yourself and your life. Sometimes they present you with opportunities that you may or may not take, and sometimes, they even leave you with gifts and rewards. All you need to know is that when the moon is full, a truth is ready to be revealed, and the emotional meaning of the April 2021 full super Pink Moon might just leave you feeling transformed.

Full moons have a tendency to shine a light on something you may not have realized before. That's because a full moon takes place when the sun — ruler of your external self — forms an opposition with the moon — ruler of your internal self. There's a side of you that no one else knows about; sometimes, not even you fully understand this side of yourself. This deeply personal layer of who you are can run counter to the image you've constructed for yourself on a material level. In other words, you don't always have the whole story.

However, when a full moon takes place, your best-kept secrets can come tumbling out of you. They bleed into your conscious reality, challenging the way you see everything and providing you with another aspect of your story. During a full moon, the energy surrounding you comes to a head, forcing you to take action or embrace the fact that change is coming.

Each full moon exudes its own radiance and focus, bringing your awareness toward a certain aspect of your life. Each full moon also contains its own toolkit of energy, giving you something new to work with every time. Here's what you're dealing with this time:


The Emotional Meaning Of The April 2021 Full Moon In Scorpio: April 26, 11:31 p.m. ET

The upcoming full Pink Moon — which is the first supermoon of 2021 — will be an especially strange and intense experience. After all, it takes place in mysterious, penetrating, and passionate Scorpio. This fixed water sign is intrinsically connected to all things that remain unseen. Scorpio can't resist a puzzle to solve and will use its psychic ability to dig through even the toughest of barriers just to get some answers. Scorpio is also highly romantic, even if this zodiac sign tends to hide that part of itself, and a full moon in Scorpio might just reveal to you where your desires lie.

Scorpio is also the zodiac sign of creation and destruction, and ultimately, transformation. This full moon takes the meaning of transformation to the next level, as it might force you to fight through a difficult situation so that you can overcome the darkness and embrace the light. This full moon may feel like a ton of pressure, especially because it squares off with inhibiting and challenging Saturn, which may put a lot of obstacles in your path. However, as the full moon also forms a trine with ambitious and driven Mars, it's giving you the courage and the determination to knock those obstacles out of your way.

This full moon may leave you feeling scrutinized and criticized. However, diamonds are formed in conditions filled with unbearable heat and pressure, so remember that so many good things are waiting for you at end of all these difficulties. Scorpio is a sign that may be intense and impulsive, but they're more than willing to play the long game. Keep the end result at the forefront of your mind.