The Emotional Meaning of Scorpio Season

The Emotional Meaning Of Scorpio Season Will Resonate Differently With Everyone

by Valerie Mesa

Scorpio season is absolutely fascinating, if you ask me. Everything — from its deeply mysterious nature to the charming autumn hues — is pretty much equivalent to the meaning of witchcraft. With that being said, the emotional meaning of Scorpio season 2019 will resonate differently with everyone.

Despite the way Scorpio's essence comes to life via each individual birth chart, its fixed waters are as mystical as they are polarizing. After all, Scorpio is the lightest light and the darkest dark combined. Ruled by powerful Pluto, Lord of the Underworld and planet of revelations, the scorpion is a representation of the hidden unconscious.

The divine order of the zodiac never ceases to amaze me. For instance, it is essential that we learn how to create balance in our lives, along with the meaning of compromise, during Libra season, before we can fully merge with another mind, body, and soul during Scorpio season. This fixed water sign is associated with death, but the meaning of death is more figuratively speaking. While eerily intuitive Scorpio's innate connection to the other side is very much present, "death" is simply another way of describing the essence of spiritual renewal.


Scorpio Season 2019: Oct. 23 To Nov. 22

Everyone feels some type of way when the sun enters Scorpio. The sun is the heart of the solar system; it is a symbol of the ego and your soul purpose. Whichever zodiac sign the sun is traveling through can determine the spiritual theme, both personally and collectively. It's no coincidence that Halloween takes place during Scorpio season; this season is a vibe all on its own.

With the sun in taboo-loving Scorpio, superficialities will take a backseat, because this Pluto-ruled sign wants what is hidden deep beneath the surface. Whether you like it, Scorpio season is a season of extremes. It is a time for intensity, secrets, obsessions, desires, and all things revolving around the occult. There's no meeting this energy halfway; it is all consuming or not at all.

Justice-seeking Libra preferred to keep things light-hearted and non-confrontational; Scorpio couldn't be more different. For instance, this hypnotically enchanting water sign prides itself on the way it dives head first, in order to discover the raw truth, despite how taboo-like or forbidden. Libra wants your charming companionship; Scorpio wants your infinite soul.

The Emotional Meaning Of Scorpio Season


You are a spiritual being living a human experience. You're allowed to be something completely different every single day when you wake up. If you think about it, your soul is constantly shapeshifting, according to the energy around it. This is equivalent to the core essence of Scorpio. In order to rise again from the ashes like a powerful phoenix, you need to experience a type of death, even if it's not in the literal sense.

Whether you're struggling with a toxic relationship you can't seem to let go of, or experiencing something emotionally challenging at a soul level, consider this your opportunity to shed skin. Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert said it best: “Ruin is the road to transformation.” That is the very essence of this fixed water sign. There's nothing to be afraid of; you will always land on your feet. Sounds silly, but we are all stars floating around in an infinite galaxy. What's the worst that could happen?

Scorpio season is always climatic and life-changing, but that doesn't mean you should fear its power. Instead, take advantage of this energy and learn how to trust the process. Surrender and let your higher self take the wheel.