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The Emotional Meaning Of Gemini Season Will Bring You Clarity, So Get Ready

by Valerie Mesa
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When you look at things from a different perspective, you're not just expanding your mind — you're also expanding your conscious awareness. And while the emotional meaning of Gemini season 2020 typically revolves around communication styles and immediate networks, this season there will be a big emphasis on relationships, as Venus is currently retrograding in the sign of Gemini until June 25. The versatility of this Mercury-ruled sign is one of the many qualities making this zodiac archetype and this Gemini season so intellectually stimulating.

Despite your personal definitions of right and wrong, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, making everyone right in their own way. Opinions and beliefs are subjective, and this lesson is integral to Gemini's celestial syllabus this season. Governed by curious Mercury — cosmic messenger and the planet of communication, thought process, and cognitive functioning — Gemini's mutable air is swirling with fresh perspective and versatility. And when you consider the divine order of the zodiac, you'll notice how Taurus — a symbol of abundance, security, and wealth — comes before Gemini. This is no coincidence.

As the sun shifts into mischievous Gemini on May 20, the energy you feel in your life and all around you will shift from sensually driven and slow-moving (tenets of Taurus Season) to intellectually driven and versatile during Gemini season. The mercurial energy of Gemini will teach you how to utilize the the resources and blessings you manifested all throughout Taurus season. If Taurus' fixed earth brought you closer to your values, Gemini's mutable air will help you put these things into perspective.


Gemini Season: May 20 To June 20, 2020

It's been a stressful past few months and what was once considered "the norm" is now behind us. Thanks to revolutionary and rebellious Uranus, Taurus season was nothing short of paradoxical. A Venus-ruled astrological season widely known for being comfortable and secure turned out to be the exact opposite. In stability-seeking Taurus, the planet of chaos and unexpected change is hard at work revolutionizing everyone's value system and sense of security. There's no denying this is the beginning of a new era, but with the sun shifting into savvy Gemini, things might finally start making sense for you.

When you consider the ancient wisdom of astrology in terms of human development, Aries is the first spark of life, Taurus is the initial encounter with one's physical senses, and Gemini is the brain's cognitive processes. Mercury — Gemini's planetary ruler — governs the mind, ruling everything related to thinking, learning, problem-solving, and the way you make sense of the information you gather. And while a lot of the things in 2020 hardly make sense, this Mercury-ruled season will bring you some much-needed clarity and direction. This is especially true with the North Node officially in Gemini.

Your cosmic mission, should you choose to accept it, is to keep an open mind and more importantly, focus on the facts.

The Emotional Meaning Of Gemini Season 2020

Venus — the planet of relationships, pleasure, finances, and values — will already be retrograding through Gemini, which means there will be an underlying emphasis on both personal and professional partnerships for you right now.

Retrograde cycles are for reflecting, revisiting, and reviewing, so themes related to self-worth and your ideas of security will be brought to your attention during this time. Given that retrograde cycles are notorious for bringing back the past, it's important to confront repressed burdens and conversations that could resurface, especially if they've also influenced your self-esteem at some point.

Mercury — Gemini's planetary ruler — will also be sitting closely with Venus, squaring off with elusive Neptune during Gemini season. Dreamy, ambiguous, and deceiving, this challenging square will be just as glamorous as it is tricky. This energy is creative and compassionate which can be lovely, but what might seem like the ideal scenario at first could eventually turn into one big, giant mirage. Use this evidence-based energy wisely to inform your decision-making, but don't forget to follow your intuition.

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