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If You're 1 Of These 3 Zodiac Signs, You're In For A Treat This Gemini Season

by Valerie Mesa
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After quite the paradoxical Taurus season, it's time to turn the page. Time is the best medicine and there's nothing more validating than trusting the process. Taurus might have been tough for so many signs, but if you tap into the ancient wisdom of astrology, you'll learn that Gemini season 2020 will be the best for the air zodiac signs, and they're all going to thrive season. So if you're a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, good things await.

I say this every time the sun shifts into an air sign but Gemini season will more than likely feel like a breath of fresh air for all of the zodiac signs, especially when you compare it to the collective chaos that took place during both Aries season and then again during Taurus season. If Taurus' fixed earth serves as a reminder to stop and smell the roses, then Gemini's mutable air will inspire within you new eclectic ways of thinking, communicating, and making the most of what's in front of you.

Upon the sun's shift into Gemini on May 20, Mercury — its ruler — will sit closely with Venus in Gemini, squaring off with elusive Neptune. And while the element air is equivalent to a fresh breeze of intellectual clarity, this challenging square between Mercury-Venus and the God of the sea could makes things seem a bit hazy.

But if you're a Gemini, Libra, or an Aquarius good news is on its way for you. Here's why.


Gemini: You're Celebrating Your Solar Revolution

Happiest of birthdays, Gemini. Luckily for you, we're no longer in the peak of the chaos, and it's just in time for your solar return. Birthdays are always an opportunity to start over because every year around the same time, the sun returns to the same place it was the day you were born. As you're undergoing a cosmic reset and spiritual cleanse, I wish you nothing but good health, happiness, and prosperity on your next trip around the sun.

Looking for love? With irresistible Venus retrograding through your sign — from May 13 until June 25 — I don't suggest you start a new relationship during this time. However, if there are pending conversations that need to take place between you and an ex-lover, now would be an excellent time to speak your peace. Mercury and Venus will be challenged by Neptune via your career sector, so be extra mindful of professional contracts and negotiations during this time.

Libra: You're Finding Your Faith And Owning Up To Your Worth

It's time you start believing in yourself, Libra. And with the sun shaking up your expansive ninth house of faith, education, and philosophy, you'll likely be experimenting with different outlets of pleasure and perhaps journaling about your travel bucket list. Your darling ruling planet will be retrograding through this area of your chart, so if there's something you've been visualizing for yourself in the near future or a publishing project you've been working on, this is an excellent time to revisit and modify your work.

Both Mercury and Venus — your sultry planetary ruler — will be in a challenging aspect with elusive Neptune via your orderly sixth house of health, mindfulness, due diligence, daily rituals, and work environment, so make sure you get organized before you dream up your next big project. One thing at a time.

Aquarius: You're Tapping Into Your Inner Goddess And Muse

Your happiness should always be a priority, but this is especially true for you this season, Aquarius. With the sun in Gemini beaming through your expressive fifth house of children, romance, passion projects, and authenticity, you'll be feeling as light-hearted as ever. Flirtatious is an understatement, especially with both Mercury and Venus activating this area of your chart as well. If you're the creative type, you're in luck — these astrological transits could be incredibly inspiring.

With Venus retrograding through this area of your chart, you could also run into an ex-fling or childhood crush, so don't be surprised if you do. Mercury will also be sitting alongside the planet of love while squaring off with dreamy Neptune via your second house of finances, possessions, talents, and self-worth. This could either inspire you to splurge on something unrealistic, or perhaps shed light on the unique talents you possess but have never tapped into.

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