A Swimsuit On Amazon With Over 1,000 Positive Reviews Is Going Viral

If there's one thing I love in this world, it's shopping on Amazon using Prime Two-Day shipping — can someone, anyone, tell me why this simple delight just feels so good? On the other end of the spectrum, if there's one thing I despise, it's swimsuit shopping, and I kow I'm not alone in this one. When dreaded bathing suit shopping season comes around, I often drag myself into dressing rooms with a pile of randomly selected suits praying for a win, but TBH, after seeing all the hype about the Dixperfect Bathing Suit On Amazon, I think I'll save myself the trouble this year and just order that instead. With two-day shipping. Maybe in a few colors, while I'm at it. Or even a fun pattern. Am I actually getting excited about swimsuit shopping?

If you fell prey to the trend of the wildly popular Amazon coat this winter, feast your eyes on the summertime version, aka the Dixperfect Bathing Suit ($27, It's a super chic, minimalist one-piece suit, with a round neckline, a low back, and old-school, high-rise sides. It's exactly the kind of suit I'd wear to the beach or pool, and yet at the same time, also the suit I'd see on an Instagram model or on a celeb in yet another Baywatch remake. Chic but simple, flattering and fun. What's not to love?

So, why are people obsessed? First, let's note that it comes in nine colors, from neutrals to brights:


Oh, and three patterns, too, because why not:


The suit currently boasts a four-star rating on Amazon, with 1,231 reviews (and counting!), 55 percent of which award it a full five stars. Almost every review includes a photo of a satisfied customer rocking the suit, and all sing praises of how flattering and comfortable the fit is. With reviewers of all different heights, weights, and shapes chiming in, it's as if this suit is giving the jeans in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants a run for their money — apparently, it just looks good on everyone.

"I was looking everywhere for a classic black one piece and almost paid 60 bucks," wrote one reviewer who ended up glad she snagged the Dixperfect find instead. "The material on this suit is just wonderful. Exactly what I wanted," she added. Others echoed her praise of the material and quality. "I am OBSESSED with this bathing suit! What an amazing buy! It is so form fitting, amazing quality material, and great packaging," wrote a user that vowed to buy more colors.

The suit seems to have a lot of customers feelin' themselves, too:

Many noted that it can be hard to find a suit in which they feel great, and that this Dixperfect one-piece really did the trick. "Love it. I've had four kiddos and this suit made me feel comfortable and confident," wrote one reviewer. "It's perfect! I kept reading rave reviews and was scared to take the jump because most one piece suits don't fit me the same since I have a M/L top and a full XL bottom," said another, admitting, "The contrast makes it difficult to find anything that connects top to bottom (jumpsuits, overalls, swim suits etc.) But I'm pleasantly surprised!"

In addition to tons of positive Amazon reviews, there are lots of photos of satisfied customers rocking their suits on the Dixperfect Instagram:

Not gonna lie, I was totally hoping to have my Baywatch moment this summer, so I might have to snag the red one?

This swimsuit is pretty much the only thing motivating me to get certified as a lifeguard. If you aren't as extra as I am, but you're still in need of a cute one-piece, the reviews will definitely have you feeling like the Dixperfect suit could be the one.