This Coat On Amazon Literally Has Its Own Insta, Because That Many People Are Obsessed With It


Typically, fan accounts on Instagram are dedicated to iconic actors and actresses, talented singers, or other impressive celebrities. For a lone article of clothing to have an entire account devoted to singing its praises is much more out of the ordinary, but one coat in particular has managed to get everyone's attention. If you're wondering where to get the Orolay Down Jacket, the outerwear piece so popular that it's breaking the Internet, look no further than everyone's favorite impulse-buying website, aka Amazon.

With Amazon Prime making two-day shipping a thing, I know I'm not alone in making more than a few unnecessary purchases every so often, all thanks to the ease of ordering on the site. Even when items aren't available for Prime shipping, I'm still more likely to order from Amazon than from competitors, as I've come to associate the site with reliability and efficiency. While a few years ago, shopping for fashion on Amazon would've never occurred to me, I've actually purchased quite a few pairs of shoes and items of clothing and been pretty pleased, so it's definitely become a viable option for me. While I've yet to peruse the site for outwear, I might have to start, as the Orolay Down Jacket ($130, is on the fast-track to Instagram fame, and I'll be damned if I don't get a winter OOTD photo rocking it.

Why this jacket in particular, you ask? It's so loved, it's even got an entire Instagram account dedicated to it, aka @theamazoncoat:


With 519 followers and counting, @theamazoncoat rounds up Instagram users with a love for this now-famous jacket, which is available in sizes XXS-XXL and comes in five shades including black, green, navy, beige, and gray. It's described on Amazon as "windproof, warm and comfortable," and according to practically everyone who has purchased it, the claims are true.

In fact, it's being hailed as #coatgoals:

And wearers are spotting others rocking the jacket pretty much everywhere:

On the Amazon site, the coat boasts an overall 4.2-star rating and 5,997 reviews, and it's the best-selling product in the Women's Outdoor Recreation Down & Alternative Outerwear category. There are various other Orolay coats sold on the site, but for some reason, none have become quite as popular as this one. It's been talked about by Bustle, Glamour, Teen Vogue, and Refinery 29, and everyone agrees that there's just something special about it. The cocoon-silhouette, zip-up sides, thick drawstrings, and large front pockets are all equally utilitarian and chic, and while many prioritize feeling warm over looking cute in the winter, this coat allows one to do both.

And you can get it on Amazon Prime, so you know, why not?


@Theamazoncoat is even hosting what they're calling The Amazon Coat Challenge, designed to see if they can find a lover of this Orolay coat in all 50 states. Of course, tons of states on the East Coast have already been checked off, and I can confirm that it's certainly coat weather here, so this makes sense. Still, even states known for fairly warm weather, including California, Texas, and Florida, have been checked off, which means this coat really might succeed in taking over all 50 states. Orolay Down Jacket for President 2020!

If you're into the hype and even tempted to order this coat for yourself, reviewers on Amazon point out that it's fairly true to size, so I suggest you take advantage of that Prime shipping before it sells out for good. After that, consider sending a photo of yourself to @theamazoncoat if you can help them check off a few more of the 50 states. I'll definitely throw you a Like!