These 2019 Coat Trends Will Convince You To Ditch Your Plain Black Puffer For Good

When it comes to what sort of aesthetic or mood or vibe is poised to define next year's fashion scene, the word "extra" is the first thing that comes to mind. Extra flashy, extra colorful, extra shiny, extra embellished, extra large, extra, well, everything. 2019 coat trends are no different. They're are all about the exact opposite of that black puffer coat that's probably sitting in your closet right now so start embracing the whole "more is more" mentality right now because your outerwear game is about to turn all the way up.

If you haven't looked at what designers have been sending down runways as of late (and therefore what will be trendy), it's really exciting and beautiful stuff. Textures, prints, colors, embellishments—it's all so good and definitely speaks to the camp trend that' s set to define 2019. The theme for next year's iconic Met Gala is even entitled "Camp: Notes on Fashion," having been inspired by Susan Sontag’s seminal 1964 essay, Notes on "Camp," which goes to show that the outrageous and over-the-top is truly and officially in.

So, how does that apply to outerwear? Basically, the more radical, the better. Tuck away your plain pea coats, get gutsy with your shopping, and embrace a new coat that screams personality. Then, let it embrace you. 10 excellent picks are below.

Out Of This World

Coats featuring futuristic design elements are trending this winter and it doesn't get much better than this one. It's pink, it's metallic, it's a puffer, and it's got a cool star spangled patch to boot. Pair this with literally anything and you'll turn heads.

Go Grandma

It's like something you could only dream of finding in your favorite vintage shop, but better. The combination of forest green and bubblegum pink has a so-clashy-it's-good vibe, and the green faux fur along the cuffs of the sleeves add an even more eccentrically luxe touch.

Wild Thoughts

Forget about the cropped faux fur cheetah coat—this long white leopard coat is where it's at. It's basically a wearable blanket made chic via a waist tie and collar. Yes, please.


Another space-y puffer, because why not? This one is all silver so it's a bit more easily styled—although if you really want to stick to the 2019 camp theme, pair it with literally anything.

Green With Envy

Where are my Kermit the Frog fans at? This coat's got you all over it. It's oversized menswear silhouette is cool and all but it's its electric green hue that earns it a spot on this roundup.

To Scale

Animal prints are definitely here to stay, so why not rock red python in puffy form? Featuring a drawstring waist and faux fur lined hood, this coat definitely combines form and function—it'll keep you super cozy in the coldest of temperatures.

Blanket Statement

Okay, I take my previous statement back. This coat is actually a blanket in wearable form and it's actually cute AF. It's powder blue quilted material goes perfectly with its fuzzy white collar, and the long silhouette defined by a drawstring waist is hygge dreams.

The Fuzz

Plaid + faux fur = two of the best wintery things out there.

Magic Is Real...

...and I think this giant, fuzzy pink coat proves it.