The Swimsuit Trends For This Year Are Undoubtedly Going To Make Your Summer Style Hot AF

Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It might feel nuts to be thinking about summer 2019 swimsuit trends already, seeing as many states are still getting dumped on by snow (I'm looking at you, New York, Colorado, et cetera!), but the season of sun-filled days spent lounging on the beach or at the pool really aren't that far away and it's always good to be well-prepared! In fact, Memorial Day weekend, which is basically the official kickoff of swimsuit season, starts in T-minus 83 days, so it's definitely time to get your wardrobe ready.

Based off of what walked the runways and what celebrities, swimsuit designers, and the like have been posting on Instagram, I rounded up nine swimwear trends that are set to be huge for 2019. Whether you're into itsy bitsy, teenie weenie bikinis or prefer styles that offer way more sun protection, there'll be something you'll love. They're playful, print-heavy, and fun to indulge in, so go ahead and suit up.

Exposed Underwire

Bikinis with tops featuring boldly exposed underwire have been popular for a year or two now and they show no signs of stopping. The design element adds a cool structure to bikini tops, while the subtle reference to lingerie brings the heat.

Not-So-Romantic Ruffles

Ruffles are bringing the party to 2019's swimwear in flirty and festive form. Some off-the-shoulder suits will feature one giant ruffle that covers the entire top, while other suits might feature smaller fabric ripples along waistlines, straps, and more. Mix them with patterns, prints, embroidery, whatever, and they'll still add a cool stylistic punch.

Yellow Submarine

Yellow in all of its vibrant shades is trending for 2019 so naturally the color is saturating swimwear. Appropriate, seeing as summer is the sunniest month of all.

Rash Guards

Taking care of your skin has never been cooler or more fashionable, as proven by the fact that rash guards and long-sleeved swimsuits are having a moment, and not just among surfer babes. They'll keep your entire upper body safe from the sun's rays and will make taking your outfit from the beach to the bar a breeze. Throw on some shorts and voila, you're set.

One-Pieces With Cutouts

If you don't want to deal with remembering both pieces of a bikini but still want to show more skin than your typical one-piece, a style with an exaggerated cutout is the perfect compromise.


Shine extra bright in swimsuits that pack a shimmery punch. You thought metallics were reserved for holiday dressing? Think again.

Criss Cross Detail

Bikini tops featuring extra long straps meant to wrap around your torso in criss cross style might be complex to put on, but they sure do look cool. The tan lines would be real, though.

Animal Print

Yep, it's still trending. Why not make your summer a little more wild?

High Cut Legs

Bikini bottoms featuring super high cut legs a la '80s have been the look du jour of seemingly every influencer and model as of late. And can you blame them? It's sexy AF.

Which one suits you?