These 10 One-Piece Swimsuits Will Be The Only Things You Want To Wear All Summer

Monica Schipper/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to scouting out the top tier of one-piece swimsuits for summer 2019 it's an impossible task. This year's swimwear offerings are so vast and so good that picking out only 10 styles for you to peruse just doesn't seem right. This means that no matter what kind of one-piece you're looking for you'll certainly be able to find it, so even if nothing on this list piques your interest (it will), check one or two other retailers and your suit desires will definitely be met.

One-piece suits have been on the uptick in recents years but don't get it twisted — they're not the boring, ugly, stuffy, or uncomfortable iterations that might have plagued your childhood. From silhouettes featuring one-shoulder straps and sexy cutouts to prints blooming with flowers or stamped in graphic shapes, the ways in which the classic maillot has been brought into the 21st century are worth ditching your bikini for. Plus, you don't have to worry about leaving half of it behind when you're packing for a vacation. It's really a win-win.

Below are 10 ace options to peruse, they're all number ones.

Candy Coated

From the sweetly hued stripes, to the delicate hip bows, to the stealthy waist cutouts, this suit's got a lot going on, yet it all comes together to create one rad suit.

Cheetah Girl

Bring the animal print trend to the beach in this feline-inspired suit. With a print this loud, no ruffles or cutouts are needed.

Sunny Side Up

The bright marigold color of this swimsuit is enough to get it into the roundup alone (yellow in all of its shades is trending for 2019), but the square neckline is what really puts it over the top.

Spotty Service

Find me a more cheerful and playful graphic print! I'll wait. You couldn't help but to have an excellent day at the beach if you were wearing this polka-dotted suit.

Optical Illusion

From the criss-crossing black straps to the kaleidoscopic print, this suit is a lot to take in. But man, is it cool once you do.

Hubba Bubba

This option gives me 2000s vibes thanks to its bubblegum pink hue and PVC strap rings.

Fronds For Life

While the mechanics of a strapless one-piece suit are beyond me, they sure do look good! The palm leaf print gives the style a chilled out and serene feel.

Opposites Attract

Business on the top, party on the bottom — at least as far as prints are concerned. I love the contrast between both halves of this style and the central bow ties it all together.

Full Spectrum

Between the high turtleneck neckline, the eye-popping rainbow print, and the cutout that nearly divides the suit in half, nothing about this style is expected.

Abstract Thought

Yes, the bright color palette of this one-piece rules, but the abstract floral design and complementary black side-stripes are what really render it a top-tier suit.