Here's What You Need To Know About Today's Total Solar Eclipse

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A major astrological turning point is wrapping up the end of 2020. You're leaving behind the chaos and the mayhem that has marked this past year and you are embracing a new beginning in more ways than one. However, the December 2020 solar eclipse is, without a shadow of a doubt, proof that the tides are turning. Prepare for a major change to unfold not just in your life, but across the human collective.

If there wasn't a solar eclipse taking place on Dec. 14, it would be a new moon, because solar eclipses are new moons at their core, just multiplied and amplified in power. While a regular new moon represents the simple and spiritual act of letting go and letting in, a solar eclipse can evoke abrupt endings and even more unexpected new beginnings. The events that take place under a solar eclipse are fated to happen, making it a poor time to practice manifestation or other new moon rituals that you usually abide by. All you have to do in order to absorb the energy of a solar eclipse is go about your life and watch the cookie crumble on its own.

The reason solar eclipses carry such an immense magnitude? Unlike every other new moon, a solar eclipse activates the lunar nodes. If you were an astronomer, you would probably describe the lunar nodes as the points where the moon's orbit intersects with the Earth's, aka the plane of the ecliptic. If you were an astrologer, however, you would describe the lunar nodes as destiny. These nodes are made up of the North Node — which represents the spiritual purpose currently driving the collective — and the South Node — which represents the energy the collective is currently purging and moving away from.

The upcoming solar eclipse forms a close conjunction with the South Node, making this a moment to let go of what's no longer meant for you and to trust that whatever comes next is in your best interest. So giddy-up, fellow astro-enthusiasts, because it's about to be a major breakthrough.

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The Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius Is On Dec. 14 At 11:16 a.m. EST

The upcoming solar eclipse is a continuation of the eclipse season that began with a lunar eclipse in Gemini on Nov. 30. Since this took place, you've been grappling with a change, whether this change is being felt internally or witnessed externally. As if that wasn't complicated enough, the events that take place during this eclipse season are actually connected to the eclipses that took place back in June, six months ago. These eclipses on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis will continue to evoke change in your life all the way until 2021, before the North Node enters Taurus and this current eclipse story comes to an end.

If that sounds weird and hard to process, don't worry. All you need to worry about is trusting in the process of this eclipse and having faith that you are right where you're meant to be. While this solar eclipse will have an affect on every zodiac sign, it will have an even more profound impact on mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces), especially if these zodiac signs are present within the degrees of 18 to 28 in your natal chart. Major developments are in store for these zodiac signs over the course of the surrounding weeks, so pay attention to the themes, opportunities, and relationships that are currently taking precedence in your life.

This solar eclipse takes place in adventurous, open-minded, philosophical, and truth-seeking Sagittarius, so expect ideas to blow your mind and a journey toward enlightenment to begin. If Sagittarius had a motto, it would definitely be "carpe diem". Let that vibe guide you forward.

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