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Let The Universe Guide You Through This June Lunar Eclipse

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Do you feel all the energy surrounding you vibrating and pulsating with intensity? Do you feel as though you're on the precipice of major change? If so, it means you're spiritually tuned in to the cosmos and you know something big is about to happen. You're in the thick of eclipse season and everything is coming to a head. It all begins with the June 2020 lunar eclipse, so buckle up and prepare for a transformative experience.

In astrology, eclipse season takes place roughly every six months, replacing the usual full moon with a lunar eclipse and the new moon with a solar eclipse. The experience always marks a new chapter and sometimes it can even be the harbinger of unexpected change, throwing you for a loop. While these changes are always filled with promise and opportunity, they often feel uncomfortable and even unwanted at first. This is because, in astrology, an eclipse activates the Nodes of Fate, which symbolize the collective energy everyone is moving towards. In other words, an eclipse has everything to do with your ultimate destiny. Whatever happens during an eclipse, whether it be a breakup, a job change, or a move to a different city, was always meant to happen. There's no point in trying to go back in time and change it, because that would go against everything the universe has planned for you.

Another important thing to remember about an eclipse: the events surrounding this cosmic phenomenon might not make sense for another six months, when the next eclipse takes place. As you think about where you're at during this upcoming eclipse, asking yourself "why" this happened, trust that it will all become clear in due time. In the meantime, have faith that you're exactly where you're supposed to be.

The Blood Moon In Sagittarius Takes Place June 5 At 3:12 p.m. ET


The upcoming lunar eclipse takes place in expansive, spontaneous, worldly, and adventurous Sagittarius, encouraging you to set aside your preconceived notions and open your heart to the idea that everything you thought you knew is wrong. Sagittarius is about being open to change and leaving behind plans when a better idea arises. Sagittarius is the quintessential explorer of the zodiac and rather than shying away from the dangerous unknown, they venture even further. This lunar eclipse could indicate a journey you weren't expecting to take; one that shifts your perspective of everything.

However, the energy surrounding this lunar eclipse is foggy, unclear, and even somewhat aggressive, so be prepared for drama. Forming a square to both sensitive and illusive Neptune and combative and passionate Mars, this lunar eclipse is not gently making itself known. It's happening with a splash. There may be arguments, tears, and, confusion as you make your way into this next chapter, but that only amplifies the potential it has for helping you grow. No matter what happens, have faith that something beautiful will sprout from the rubble. This lunar eclipse can also indicate a major shift in your love life, as it opposes Venus — planet of friendship and romance — as it happens to be retrograde. Expect surprising revelations about where you stand with the people you love. When someone tells you who they are, make sure you listen.

Activating the Sagittarius-Gemini axis, this eclipse is about knowledge, freedom, and the big picture. It's about taking a step back from your current reality and seeking a deeper truth. Learning about new things may challenge everything you know, forcing you to take a step out of your comfort zone, but you can't remain stagnant the way you are any longer. This lunar eclipse is a major push towards understanding yourself and the world around you on a far deeper level.

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