The Corkcicle x Vineyard Vines limited edition collection includes bright pink, blue, and teal color...

The Corkcicle x Vineyard Vines Limited Edition Collection Is So Sip-Worthy

Hydrating should always be a number one priority — especially in the sizzling, 90-degree days of summer. You might set a reminder on your phone for every hour, on the hour that says "take a sip" or "stop at hydration station." Hyping yourself up on H2O may also mean whipping out your credit card and ordering a piece from the Corkcicle x Vineyard Vines limited edition collection that just launched on Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2020.

In the past, you may have ordered new workout clothes right before you started an at-home yoga program, or purchased a new mixing bowl when you really wanted to get into baking. Buying a cute canteen, tumbler, or wine cup from this exclusive collab will have the same motivating effect. After your order comes in the mail, you'll probably want to toss ice cubes and a slice of lemon into your tropical-printed item. You'll rush over to your kitchen sink, fill it to the brim with water, and patiently wait for it to chill.

On the following days whenever you're working from your kitchen table or heading to the beach, your first thought will be to bring your little liquid-loving buddy along for the ride. It'll be an opportunity in your eyes to enjoy a refreshing drink tucked into one of these limited edition pieces from Corkcicle and Vineyard Vines.


The one question you have to ask yourself before those water-ful days can be a reality, is: Which piece would serve you best? The collaboration includes fan faves like stemless wine cups ($27.95), tumblers (34.95), and canteens ($39.95) — all of which are available in four fun prints that'll transport you to the beach.

When you're online shopping, you'll notice one print has pink island-like flowers, while another is a blue camo that'll blend in with any sunny day spent on a boat. The official press release notes that there's a print inspired by the traditional mint julep cocktail, too. That tasty print would be ideal to pick up if you're interested in a wine cup and using the item for your virtual happy hours, or a Kentucky Derby-themed afternoon in your backyard.

The final print you'll notice throughout the collection is Vineyard Vines' signature whale motif that decorates a coral background with a neutral and nautical detail. If you want the piece you pick up to work with all of the seasons, this may be the one for you.


This collection is limited edition, so be sure to ask yourself that essential question sooner rather than later. Note the types of experiences you'll take your Corkcicle x Vineyard Vines item on — from bike rides to casual rooftop picnics with your significant other — and choose what will serve you best. Whether or not your goal is ultimate hydration this summer, a cute product from this collab will certainly help you hit that mark as well.

To start shopping, head to the Vineyard Vines website. Hey, take a sip of water while you're scrolling, too, OK? It's a hot one out there today.