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Here's How To Turn Your Kitchen Table Into A Dreamy Desk This Summer

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You are likely working from home indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, your company meetings are virtual and you might not have the most functional or ideal desk setup. Weeks turned into months, and it's about time you had some inspo on how to turn your kitchen table into a home office.

You're realizing that your work from home situation might be further extended or even here to stay. Unfortunately, you won't be going on daily coffee runs with your work bestie anytime soon. Instead, you'll be posting up with your laptop every morning with a latte you made at home, your adorable pup who's still incredibly excited that you're not leaving for work, and whatever else is laying around the kitchen. Your workspace might have crumbs from last night's dinner and be steps away from your little bedroom.

It's not exactly the work environment you're used to. But if you're willing to channel your creative side, your kitchen can actually transform into the home office setup of your dreams. Start by dusting off your table, and then fill your space with these items that are portable, handy, and cute. (Your WFH life will have never felt so good.)

This Expandable Laptop Stand

First up, you should get yourself an expandable laptop stand. It will allow your computer to sit above your notebooks or bowls of afternoon snacks and keep your space ergonomic as ever. This stand, in particular, is made of bamboo and can be easily broken down and stored once you log off for the day. It will be a dream for you and your roommates.

This Water Jug

Every home office needs a water cooler. That's where this cold beverage dispenser comes in. It can be filled with any cold drink, like freshly-squeezed lemonade or iced tea. Treat you and your roommates to a refreshing break at any hour of the day.

This Weekly Desk Pad

Your kitchen table doesn't necessarily have the space for all your to-do lists and notepads. But, it'll certainly be able to fit this cute weekly desk pad. It's small enough to slip under your portable laptop stand and big enough to keep track of virtual meetings and your current work assignments. To say the least, it's the full package.

This Fun And Supportive Pillow

When you're sitting at your kitchen table all day, your seat is bound to get uncomfortable. The chairs you picked out were made for enjoying tasty meals and wine nights with your roommates, not quite a full day's worth of work. That's OK, though, because this artsy and oh-so supportive pillow exists. Pick it up so you have some home decor that's cheering you on.

This Desk Tray

Desk trays are essential for when you need to turn your kitchen table back into a kitchen table at the end of the work day. They allow you to transport your pens and pencils into another room without them losing their nice organization. These trays, in particular, come in multiple sizes that'll truly keep your erasers, paper clips, and sticky notes at bay.

These Concrete Coasters

If you don't already have a ton of coasters in your kitchen, you'll want to get these concrete and modern-looking ones for your kitchen-table-turned-office-space. They'll give your coffee mug or water cup a cute place to hang out while you type out a report for your boss. Not to mention, they'll keep water rings from forming on your table.

This Storage Jar

Your office likely has a lot of storage between filing cabinets, desk drawers, and shelving units. But, don't fret being away from them because this storage jar is so much cuter and will be a great addition to your kitchen and office space. Right now, you can use it to store desk supplies. But, when you potentially return to the office, it can hold your baking supplies.

This Green Tea Soy Candle

Working at your kitchen table might have been an adjustment because it's not necessarily meant for your nine to five job. This green tea soy candle will really set the mood and atmosphere, and will likely make you feel so inspired.

This Collage Kit

There's no rule saying you can't go all out when you're creating a home office setup. So, if you and the people you live with are down to make some changes, pick up an artsy wall collage kit. Put it on the walls of your kitchen next to your table so you can look up at it when you're in need of some inspo.

These Unique Bookends

At the edge of your kitchen table, it's #necessary to store your favorite most motivating books. You can store them here with these unique bookends that give the books their own space on your kitchen table. When you're eating dinner, those books can act as decor, and when you're working remotely, they can be a reminder to do your best — no matter where you are.

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