These Room Transformation Vids Will Inspire You To Refresh Your Space This Summer

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Spending time at home might be a creative challenge this summer due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Whether you're relaxing in your backyard, working out, streaming shows, or attending virtual classes while steps away from your bed, keeping things fresh is key. Watching room transformation videos on YouTube and refreshing your space so that it totally reflects your style will be a #must.

That way, when you're waking up for the day surrounded by plants, your favorite color that's been painted on the walls, and a cute bookshelf with your go-to books, you'll feel completely content. Whether you're moved into the guest bedroom of your parent's place or living on your own in a studio apartment, you enjoy where you are and may catch yourself thinking, "I want to stay here for a while." To be honest, when it comes to room transformations, that's the ultimate goal: to feel like you belong and give your space the representative upgrade it needs.

For you, this may mean making room for your guitar and amp, or tossing more glamorous mirrors on the walls. You may even need to watch extra tutorials on how to put up floating shelves or trendy light fixtures. Begin with watching these room transformations, then get into your makeover project right away.

This Video Is A Total Overhaul Of The "Old"

The first of these videos is a total and complete overhaul of the "old" in Avery Ovard's bedroom. The YouTuber strips down her space with the help of her family members over the course of a couple of months. The final result is a minimalistic room with with pops of personality — such as her guitar and amp — and a sweet spot for her dog to curl up. The video clearly shows that you can go all out if you really want to this summer.

This Video Is All About Sprucing Up The Basics

Sometimes, transforming your room into a space you love just takes sprucing up the basics. This includes your walls, room's door, basic furniture, windows, and even the floor if you think it could use some extra love. Leah Lorraine tackles each in her transformation (minus the floor) and it's pleasing AF to watch. You'll want to start picking out paint samples as soon as you're done watching this vid.

This Video Gives A Bedroom A Lot Of Glamour

Does you room feel like it's not totally and completely you? If you easily answered "yes," watch this stunning transformation from Shakira Jonay that includes lots of glam details. Jonay's video starts off with cleaning up the space, and then shopping for a few new pieces. The rack Jonay adds for clothes is super sweet, as well as the chic lighting behind the headboard.

This Video Is A Super Quick Bedroom Makeover

Let's be honest: You could spend tons of time and money this summer transforming your room to look like the one in your dreams. But, you'd like to keep the process fairly simple, and that's where this video from Elena Taber comes in. Taber styles an entire bedroom in 48 hours and uses a lot of items that were tucked away in the garage. It makes a room makeover look so easy and affordable.

This Video Makes The Most Of Bohemian Details

If you're a big fan of Bohemian decor, like some of the pieces you may find at Urban Outfitters, Tina Le's room makeover is for you. This lifestyle and DIY YouTuber transforms this spare bedroom — which is occasionally an office and craft space — to look like something you'd see in a catalogue. Throughout the video, Le gives you inspo for what you can do with different pieces such as a fan headboard or vintage shelf.

This Video Makes A Bedroom Look Very ~Trendy~

Jenna Evans knows how to make a bedroom look like a TikTok lover's dream. Evans' space goes from "dull" to #lit, thanks to the atmospheric lighting, creative collages, and handmade wall art. When Evans shows the before and after of this bedroom, your mouth will likely drop in awe. The final result is ~trendy~, colorful, and serious inspo for your own project.

This Video Keeps Things Simple And Earthy

If the vibe of your space is simple and earthy, Chelsey Jade's bedroom makeover will speak to your soul. Jade shows the Internet how to pair a white duvet cover with wooden pieces to create a comfortable and natural vibe in this room. Once that's done, the room is decorated with plants, shelves, and a rolling rack for clothes.

This Video Embraces An Urban Jungle Theme

Last but not least is this beautiful room makeover on YouTube from erdenhüterin. It's shot as a timelapse, so you can deeply immerse yourself in the process and see how the room was put together step by step. You'll notice that many of the plants that are hanging get moved around, but ultimately find their homes in this Pinterest-worthy, urban jungle-style room.