A collage of summer photos are arranged on a bedroom wall.
12 Summer Wall Collage Kits On Etsy That'll Give Your Room An Insta Update

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Your summer aesthetic is warm, filled with wanderlust, and revolves around having fun. It's no wonder why you would want to bring those good vibes into your personal space, and that's a lot easier to achieve with these summer wall collage kits on Etsy. Instead of giving your space a total makeover, you can create a whole new Instagram-worthy look with a few images arranged however you like on your bedroom walls.

You've probably seen gorgeous collage walls on Pinterest or Instagram, and have always wanted to recreate that look in your room or dorm. Now, there's no need to go out and collect a bunch of old postcards or cut out images from magazines, because these Etsy kits come with everything you need, like a full set of photos that fit a variety of summer vibes. Choose a kit that's vibrant AF if you want to be reminded of days at the beach when you're simply relaxing in bed, or a kit that takes you back to family vacays.

Your new summer lewk starts with browsing through these 12 summer collage kits and adding to cart whichever one floats your boat. Also, depending on how many photos you get in your kit, you can fill up your entire wall or just a cute area above your desk for workspace inspiration. When your collage is finished, you'll need to celebrate with a few room snaps on the 'Gram for all your friends to sea.

This Summer Days Kit

Summer is all about making each day count. Whether you're relaxing in your backyard or driving with the windows down in your hometown, you're taking advantage of the season. That's what this collection is all about. Choose to either receive 20, 40, or 60 glossy printed photos in fun blue hues.

This Retro Kit

If you're looking to fill your bedroom walls with pictures, you might want to get this large collage kit that comes with 196 prints. This set is filled with retro photos that will cover up to 35 square feet. You can even personalize your collection by asking for specific cities, quotes, or even sending some photos of yourself to be printed and included.

This Beach Vibe Kit

This beach collage set will mermake you feel like you're by the shore. You'll even receive a mix of quotes like "good vibes only" and "do more of what makes you happy" to go along with your beachy snaps, so whenever you look at your wall it'll remind you to seas the day.

This Warm Kit

This collage kit has a very warm vibe with its blue and orange colors and comes with 50 prints that are 8.27 x 11.69 inches in size. If you've got a summer reading list to tackle, use your photos to fill up the walls in a cozy corner of your room to make a super dreamy space to read.

This Vibrant Boho Kit

This boho-themed kit has all the summer colors present and it's vibrant AF. Choose between 40 or 60 photos that include super sweet pool inflatable and ice cream snaps. You can even personalize your set.

This Cloudy Minimalist Kit

Channel a beautiful yet minimalistic look with this cloudy summer collage kit. These images may not be as colorful as some of the other kits, but they will totally complete the look over your bedroom or desk.

This Light Pink Kit

Thinking pink this summer? If so, this light pink collage kit is the one for you. It includes 74 photos that have some sort of pink shade in them. You can even draw inspiration from the example photos on Etsy and create a border around your collage wall with some string lights.

This Bright Yellow Kit

This kit is perfect for welcoming bright vibes into your room. Also, this collection is digital, which means after you purchase it, you'll receive a zip file filled with your prints. Print them out ASAP at home so you can start making over your space in no time.

This Orange VSCO Girl Kit

Another digital collage kit you can get is this orange one. This kit is meant to have a VSCO girl aesthetic, so it might even inspire you to make some DIY friendship bracelets for your besties while you're chilling on your bed.

This Summer Vacay Kit

Is your favorite part of the summer going on vacay with your friends or family? Be reminded of those good times with this summer vacay digital collage kit. The set includes 47 images with a blue tone that will give you major wanderlust, and have you daydreaming of road trips down the coast.

This Summer Travel Kit

Another collage kit that's perfect for someone who has a whole lot of wanderlust is this summer digital kit. It includes 45 photographs that are a mixture of hand-drawn images and snaps that look like travel photos. Since it's another digital kit, you can print the images however many times your heart desires.

This Electric Blue Kit

If you'd rather be swimming in the sea this summer, get this collage kit with blue photos. Not only will the 26 printed photos add a vibrant pop of color to your walls, but they'll also make you daydream about chilling by the shore.

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