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These Summer Home Decor Projects Will Turn Your Space Into A Dreamy Oasis

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This summer, you're probably channeling your energy into projects you never thought of tackling before. So far, you may have baked a delicious loaf of banana bread or reorganized your spice cabinet so the glass jars have matching labels. There's still plenty of time to tackle even more DIY home decor projects for summer 2020 and add items to your to-do list that'll turn your space into an oasis.

In other words, don't slow your roll the minute you finish going through your closet and creating piles of clothes you can donate, or grab a plant at the grocery store and set it up on the windowsill in your kitchen. Take the motivation you have and run with it as far as you can. Watch tutorials on how to sand and paint your porch, and how to turn a vintage mirror into a modern-looking piece on your wall. Grab the supplies you need, toss it into your garage or backyard, and spend entire afternoons following the steps one by one.

Once you're done, you'll have pieces and rooms that you'll forever adore, because you created them yourself. You'll feel accomplished, inspired, and totally impressed with your ability to style a floating shelf or sew funky pillows that look high-end, too. These are the DIY home decor projects you should start on ASAP to make your home a Pinterest-like oasis.

A Yarn Hanging That's Made With Placemats

Let's start with a pretty simple project that can be conquered by a DIY newbie or expert: a yarn hanging. It can spruce up any room by giving your eye something textural to look at, and it's affordable to put together. The best part? These crafty wall hangings are made with decorative placemats which are cut in half. The final result will definitely be a piece you want to share with your BFFs in the group chat.

A Mirror With A Gold Parisian-Style Frame

Finding the vintage mirror of your dreams at a local thrift store is entirely possible, but why not make your own at home? This tutorial shows you how to turn a bland mirror with or without a frame into one that'll make all of your Instagram followers so jealous. Full disclosure: You will need some sandpaper for this DIY craft, as well as attachable ornaments and a can of gold spray paint.

A Bar Cart With Trendy Marble And Gold Details

If you've been staring at a corner of your living room over the past few months and thinking, "That would be a perfect spot for a bar cart," then it's time to get to work. This project is all about making your dreams a reality, and spices up a metal cart from Ikea.

You'll have to purchase marble contact paper for the trays, and maybe watch some videos on how to style your cart. But once you finish the project, you'll have a great space to store bottles of wine, glasses, and a few houseplants.

A Natural Candle Filled With Your Fave Essential Oils

Home decor projects can be big or small. That's because every detail of your home is worth spending time on, right down to the candles on your shelves. Follow along with this tutorial to make your own natural candles filled with your fave essential oils. The recipe does allow you to create more than one candle at once, so be sure to have enough recycled glass jars or tiny pots.

A Pantry Makeover That Should Be On Pinterest

Living in a small space in the city, or simply want your kitchen to look like the ones on Pinterest? Look no further than a DIY pantry makeover which will surely take up your afternoon. In this project tutorial, you'll get lots of #inspo for glass jars and labels you can purchase to organize your ingredients. You'll be inspired to clean out your shelves and rearrange them in a way where you can see everything that's inside.

Spoiler alert: You might end up with extra space when you're done with this project. Fill that space thoughtfully with items like your bamboo straws or miscellaneous appliances that are currently sprawled out in your cabinets and drawers.

A Piece Of Embroidery To Display In Your Bedroom

Everyone seems to be picking up exciting hobbies right now, like sewing, painting, or gardening. And if you're looking for a cozy home decor related hobby to get involved with too, then you should definitely try embroidery. Pick up a tiny hoop and one of the helpful kits linked in the description of this video to get started. Craft a floral piece that can be displayed near your TV in your bedroom, or right next to your front door.

A Balcony Garden That'll Upgrade Your Golden Hour

Plants are your jam. There are very few occasions where you go to Trader Joe's and don't leave with a bouquet of flowers or a cute basil plant. Now it's time to take your interest to the next level and turn your balcony into a personal greenhouse. To do so, sweep the whole space, attach potted plants to the railing, and wrap string lights around them to add a stunning touch. Golden hour spent here will have never felt so good.

A Woven Cane Storage Bookcase That's Trendy And Useful

Calling all DIY experts. This project — which tackles a ~super~ trendy woven cane storage hutch — is for you. This tutorial teaches you how to craft an item at home that's likely expensive elsewhere, and deconstruct a cabinet that's from Ikea. Of course, if you have an old bookshelf or cabinet laying around, you can absolutely use that piece as well to create something fresh, new, and so worthy of your self-made oasis.

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