Two women wear The Comfy sweatshirt that looks like a cozy, oversized blanket.
TikTokers Are Rockin' This Blanket Sweatshirt & It Looks Comfy AF

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Wintertime is all about staying comfy and cozy. Lucky for you, TikTokers are finding new ways to achieve peak coziness with The Comfy blanket sweatshirt, and you'll want one for yourself. As you grab a mug of hot cocoa and settle into the couch, you'll want this fuzzy hoodie to keep you as snug as a bug and bring your days at home to a whole new level.

The Comfy ($40, The Comfy) is a blanket you can actually wear, fitted with a hood to keep your head warm and a pouch for carrying all your snacks around the house. The Comfy comes in a variety of colors and patterns, including gray, pink, plaid, and cheetah, so you can stay just as cozy as you are stylish.

When you don this wearable blanket, you'll feel and look as though you're floating on a cloud. It'll be so tempting to film a video unboxing your new 'fit to share on TikTok that captures your reaction to its ultimate fluffiness. Or, you may want to channel this video of Addison Rae doing a karaoke number in her Comfy.

Whichever TikTok you choose to channel, you'll not only look good doing it, but you'll feel so good, too. You'll kind of feel like you're never getting out of bed, but just taking your blankets with you, so long as you have The Comfy blanket sweatshirt on hand. It'll make every day chill AF.

This TikTok Is All About A Comfy, Late-Night Karaoke

The next time you and your housemates put on a late-night singing session, you'll want your Comfy to help warm up your vocal cords. Just like Addison Rae, you can slip on this fluffy hoodie for a snuggly singalong night with your housemates to film a homey TikTok video.

TikTok Dances Have Never Looked Comfier

This large and free-flowing hooded blanket has all the room for movement you need when filming TikTok dances. Channel this TikToker and put on your Comfy to tackle a dance challenge that will make you feel like you're still laying in bed despite however many times you try to film it. Plus, it'll be an LOL-worthy TikTok if you wear your hoodie backwards.

This TikTok Shows How Crucial It Is To Get Comfy

Unboxings and haul videos are always so satisfying to watch. When you get your Comfy blanket sweatshirt, film your unboxing or package arriving and recreate this TikTok that uses a line from Victorious to show how much you've been waiting for this life-changing winter necessity.

This TikToker Shows Off The Comfy #Fit

When you finally get to test out how warm this sweatshirt actually is, you should record a video doing your best runway walk to style your outfit. This blanket hoodie TikTok has all the cozy fit vibes to give you some posing inspo for your own video.

This TikTok Involves The Whole Household Getting Comfy

Get you and your quarantine crew matching Comfy's for a coordinated and cozy evening. You can film group TikTok challenges together in your matching outfits for the perfect cozy activity. For example, this TikToker does the preference challenge with the whole family in matching blanket hoodies.

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