Charlotte Tilbury Is Having A Major Sale Right Now, With 30% Off Some Of Their Most Iconic Products

Charlotte Tilbury has to be one of my all-time favorite bougie beauty brands, hands down. Their products cost a pretty penny, but they're certainly worth the splurge, thanks to stunning rose gold packaging, beautiful shades and shimmers, and powerful, pigmented formulas that leave you looking radiant and glowy AF. If you're into that model-on-duty kind of glam (Hi, who isn't?), then it's my duty to make sure you're aware of the Charlotte Tilbury Summer Beauty Sale, during which you can snag some of your faves for up to 30% off. This never happens, people!

Charlotte Tilbury's luxe products are all kissed with legendary celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury's fabulous seal of approval, so believe me when I say they're worth your coin, on sale or not. A good third of my everyday beauty routine consists of my beloved CT staples, and I never feel guilty repurchasing, because the high-quality formulas are simply worth it. I'm never disappointed! That said, I'm definitely not mad at the chance to snag my faves for cheaper, so when I heard the news that there's a massive sale happening right now on the brand's website, I knew I needed to place an order before it was too late.

Overwhelmed with options? Let me walk you through a few of my on-sale faves:

Above all else, the brand is known for its iconic lipstick formulas, so the Lips to Love: Perfect Nude Lip Kit ($48, originally $68, is an absolute must for anyone who loves a beautiful nude look.

I love that they included two different CT formulas, so you can try both and figure out your fave:

First up is the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick in "Hepburn Honey," an Audrey-inspired peachy nude shade with a glossy, comfortable formula. Alongside it is the Hot Lips Lipstick in "Super Cindy," a taupey nude inspired by Cindy Crawford with a matte finish that will help make lips appear fuller. Both are essentials, don't fight me on this.

I'm also thrilled to see the Glowing Beach Duo ($63, originally $90, in the sale, as the Beach Sticks are one of my all-time favorite formulas:

Seriously, Beach Sticks were the first cream blushes I ever tried, and they converted me for life. "Moon Beach," is my personal fave, but this kit includes two other stunners: pretty pink "Las Salinas" and summery berry "Formentera." Try these and never reach for a powder blush again — you've been warned!

If you want to make a one-and-done purchase, snag the Instant Look In A Palette in "Smokey Eye Beauty" ($53, originally $75, and get four different product types in one:

With three eyeshadows, two blushes, one bronzer, and one highlighter, this palette has everything you need for a full-faced beat. Charlotte Tilbury is known for their easy-to-master Look In A Palette approach, and if you want to try a variety of the brand's formulas without buying multiple products, this baby is the answer to your prayers.

Believe it or not, this is just a sprinkling of all the items on sale right now on the Charlotte Tilbury site. The deals won't last long, so be sure to treat yourself before it's too late.