Charlotte Tilbury Just Dropped The Glowgasm Collection & I Officially Declare Today "Glow-Chella"

Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

While I love lots of products from lots of different brands, there are few from which that I love every single product, no matter what. Usually it's a mascara here, a highlighter there, but when it comes to Charlotte Tilbury, I love it all. Every product the iconic makeup artist's brand puts out is one piece of the perfectly bronzy, glowy, glam puzzle, and I'm forever on a mission to collect them all, which is why I was desperate to find out where to buy Charlotte Tilbury's new Glowgasm collection when I first heard about it. I had never heard the word "glowgasm" prior to learning about this collection, but it couldn't be a more appropriate description of how I feel when I use the brand's shimmery, sparkly products, so it just makes sense. The whole thing is glowgasmic, and spoiler alert, you're going to want all the newness for summertime.

Considering almost every other brand has launched a few bronzers and highlighters over the past year or so, it takes a lot to stand out, and Charlotte Tilbury always manages to do so thanks to dreamy rose gold packaging and gorgeous product campaigns. "In my glow–powered new range, I have bottled the beautifying effects of joy, love and ecstasy," shares makeup artist and brand founder Charlotte Tilbury herself in the brand's press release. "The glow of the best memories, the best happiness... because if you look glowing...and you feel glowing, and the world glows with you!” Sounds good to me, doesn't it?

So, what's in this glowgasmic collection? So glad you asked. If you're already a fan of the brand's original liquid highlighter, the Hollywood Beauty Light Wand ($38,, get excited, because even more shades are here.

The original wand was a must-have for many...

...Now, shoppers can snag "Peachgasm," "Goldgasm," and "Pinkgasm," too. Could the names be any more perfect?

Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

And before we get into palettes, let's talk about the fact that the brand's popular Collagen Lip Bath ($35,, in original hue "Refresh Rose" will now be joined by two new shades:

Please don't ask me to pick a favorite between "Peach Plump" and "Rosy Glow," because I could simply never choose:

Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

And with the beautiful liquid highlighters and glosses out of the way, let's move on to the main event, aka the breathtaking, oh-so-shimmery palettes.

TBH, I'd buy for the packaging alone, but the inside is just as bomb, trust me:

There are two stunning Glowgasm Face Palettes, each retailing for $75. "Lightgasm" is for light to medium skin tones, and "Lovegasm" is for medium to dark skin.

Seriously, how can I be expected to use any other blushes, bronzers, and highlighters now that I know these palettes exist?

Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

And for the eyes, a new eyeshadow quad will be ideal for creating a halo effect: the Luxury Palette in "Dreamgasm" is just essential, don't you think?

Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

What's more, the makeup artist has listened to the cries of her beloved fans, and blessed us with the permanent return of two of her most popular Eyes To Mesmerise ($32, shades: "Star Gold" and "Rose Gold." Ugh, if you've never tried these whipped, creamy shadows, please don't talk to me until you do. They're everything and more.

I've truly never felt such a strong desire to up my glow game until now:

A gorgeous lineup, right? Take notes, people, because it's not all dropping at once. The Glowgasm Face Palettes, Eyes To Mesmerize, and Glowgasm Hollywood Beauty Light Wands launch today on the Charlotte Tilbury site, but you'll have to wait until May 2 to snag the Luxury Eye Palette in "Dreamgasm," and until May 32 for the new shades of Collagen Lip Bath. Worth the wait, and until then, I'll definitely be able to make due with what's live on the site right now. If you need me, I'll be elsewhere, glowing.