Charlotte Tilbury Dropped A Surprise, Limited Edition Palette & It's Full Of Fall-Friendly Shades

What's that? You're on the hunt for the perfect fall eyeshadow palette? Apparently, one brand in particular is reading your mind, because the new Charlotte Tilbury Stars In Your Eyes Palette has virtually every color necessary to ensure your fall glam is as on point as possible. With twelve stunning shades and four radiant built-in looks, the only downside to this palette is that, once you've got your hands on it, you won't be able to justify buying any others all season, since this one comes complete with all the shades you'll be needing, plus more.

Let me start with the fact that I'm a Charlotte Tilbury stan, and while I've been a devout user since the brand's launch back in 2013, I have to admit that their most recent launches have by far been some of the best — and this latest palette might top them all. The Stars In Your Eyes Palette ($75, is the brand's second 12-pan palette, and got everything from neutral, pinky daytime go-tos to statement purples to make your night-out look pop.

When the brand began hinting about the new launch on Instagram, I nearly lost my cool. Even before seeing the shades inside, that glittering packaging had me shook:

While they've become widely known four their quad eyeshadows, the Luxury Palettes ($53,, the brand has only released one larger palette before this new launch — their original limited edition 12-pan, the Instant Eye Palette, dropped in September 2017 and sold out in a matter of hours.

Why the hype, you ask? In addition to the obvious high quality formulas and gorgeous shades, the Charlotte Tilbury brand utilizes its namesake's makeup artist skills to create products that even the non-beauty-savvy can use. All palettes, whether quads or larger, are organized by "looks," so you can practically paint by numbers when applying to achieve the perfect look. They're total no-brainers, yet they guarantee a makeup-artist-approved result. In this new palette, there are four looks to be crafted: Love Eyes, Power Eyes, Happy Eyes, and Confident Eyes. Of course, you can feel free to mix and match the crystal-inspired color, but having a few built-in look options makes deciding what glam to throw on in the morning even easier.

BTW, if the packaging and shade range hasn't sold you yet, the swatches most definitely will, because wow:

Those rich, pigmented, creamy mattes, and that signature Charlotte sparkle — pardon my drooling. Tilbury's niece, makeup artist Sofia Schwarzkopf Tilbury, even created a look using the palette to show a sneak peak of how the shadows apply, and the final glam is too dreamy to believe.

If you're telling me this palette will help me to look even 1% as stunning as Sofia, then I'm buying it:

Are you as into it as I am? Because I am so, so into it. If you are, too, then I suggest you act fast, as there might not be a restock upon this beauty's inevitable selling out.

"This palette won’t be around for long – once it’s gone… IT’S GONE!! " said the brand in an Instagam caption:

So, what have we learned here today? Firstly, that the new Stars In Your Eyes Palette is an absolute must for fall. Secondly, that it's available now exclusively on the Charlotte Tilbury website, and will likely sell out fast. Thirdly, that I don't have time to think of a third thing because I need to place my order as soon as humanly possible. Sorry not sorry if I buy the last palette in stock!