7 Things The Bold Traveler Never Worries About

Truth is, many of our bucket lists are just so long. I sort of blame all of the travel and lifestyle bloggers out there for putting places like Thailand or Bali on my mind. At one point, I was just dreaming about road tripping along the West Coast with my besties, but now my wanderlust has gone totally international. I guess you could consider me the bold traveler in my friend crew. Let me tell you, I'm not the only one in the world, and being this type of person means leaving some worries behind.

Life is a whole lot of getting lost. Especially in your 20s, you're taking risks and making mistakes all while trying to navigate your path. Traveling is really no different, if you choose to look at it that way. Sure, you could bring along all the maps and watch travel vlogs during the months leading up to your trip. But, can you ever really be prepared to experience a new place for the first time? Personally, I'd rather have that moment of pure and beautiful shock, when I realize that the pasta in Italy is everything I imagined it to be. Wouldn't you?

The bold traveler in your group might not be a Sagittarius, but she does love adventuring as much as possible. She never worries about these seven things, when it comes to her travels or her life, in case you wanted to know.

Having A Plan

Who exactly came up with five-year plans? I would like to have a word with them. The bold traveler is a lot like Phoebe from Friends. She doesn't necessarily go into a trip abroad with a plan, and assumes that she'll always find her way. Sure, she tends to have a great sense of direction, but she's also applied this mindset to navigating her 20s. Following her dreams is no question, but the rest of the answers she leaves up to the universe. She'll end up where she's supposed to be, and she knows it.

Being Alone

Yes, there are many types of friends who make good travel buddies. But, if this girl finds herself taking a solo trip, she really wouldn't mind. Odds are, it's actually on her bucket list to roam the artsy streets of Santa Fe or hang in a coffee shop in Portland without company by her side. She may only do it once or twice, but she'd still love to try out that experience. After all, being alone doesn't bug her one bit.

Making Decisions

Being a bold traveler means you take decisions into your own hands. You wake up and decide that you're going to hike that mountain, or pick where you're going to eat for dinner without much of a fuss. Truth is, this girl is always so annoyed when she's trying to make plans with a big friend group, purely because nobody knows what they want.

Maybe she's a bit too headstrong this way, but not worrying about making decisions has helped her get a lot done in life. Let's be honest: Not every situation needs to be looked at from all angles.

Missing Home

When you're finally following your wanderlust, you're less worried about being at home. Truth is, the entire planet kind of becomes your living space. You've probably heard it before that the world is your oyster, but this girl is truly taking advantage of what's out there. She's living in new places, and exploring new cities that she'll one day call her own. Sure, her hometown will always have a special place in her heart, but she isn't worried about finding those feelings elsewhere, as well.

Being Self-Confident

Confidence is key when you're traveling. Whether it's boarding a plane all by yourself, or attempting to figure out the subway system in the middle of New York City, you have to have some faith in your abilities. Sure, life means making thousands of mistakes, and you're human, so it's OK. But, the bold traveler doesn't worry about whether or not she'll mess up, and she trusts herself every step of the way.

This has lead her to some amazing adventures, and probably puts her in the center of your friend crew, too. She radiates this sense of self-love wherever she goes.

Being Bored

The world is big and beautiful, so we should honestly never be bored. Even in the places that we spend our time the most, there's always something new and exciting to see. The bold traveler is able to see this, and chooses to seek out unique experiences wherever she goes.

She's the girl who's always making plans for your friend crew, and the one who is constantly filling her schedule with things to do. One weekend you'll see her posting on social media from a rooftop bar in Boston, and the next she's hiking in Banff National Park. Where to next? She's not sure yet, but she knows that she'll never be bored.

Thinking Too Far Into The Future

Seizing the day is totally her style. The girl who travels boldly is always diving headfirst into adventure and whatever it has in store. Sure, she has her fears. Maybe she's not the biggest fan of heights, or wouldn't ever go swimming with sharks. But, you can expect her to treat life like a bunch of little excursions, just so.

In this way, she never worries about whether she's making the most of her life, because she's soaking up every second of it as it comes and goes. She lives for the present, and for checking things off her bucket list. Just look at her passport — all the proof is in her stamps and stories.