Kylie Jenner, Normani, & Pretty Much All Your Fave Celebs Are Loving The Biker Shorts Trend

Jasmine Sanders; Normani; Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Since it's too cold on the East Coast to wear anything but coats and sweaters, I've been style-stalking celebs on the West Coast to see what looks will be popular for the upcoming spring and summer. While I'm bundled in sweaters and scarves, I can't help but notice the biker shorts trend really taking off elsewhere, and it's shaping up to be one of the major trends for spring and summer. Gone are the solid-colored, white-waistbanded, stretchy Soffe shorts of my youth (Anyone else?), and in their place are shorts that are slightly longer and far more form-fitting, yet equally stretchy and comfortable. Regardless of whether you love or hate them, biker shorts are here to stay.

So, who started this trend? Prior to Kim Kardashian West wearing Yeezy biker shorts in paparazzi shots on an almost-daily basis earlier this year, I honestly hadn't seen a pair of these since my neighbor's dad, an avid cyclist, would wear them during his triathalon training. Needless to say, Kardashian wears them better, and even though not everyone is a fan —her sister, Kourtney, even told Kim she looked like she "just won the Tour de France" in them — people are certainly picking up on the trend.

Here's Kim in a pair of her signature Yeezy biker shorts:

If we're really talking about who started the trend, though, I'd like to take a moment to point out that Princess Diana was rocking her own biker shorts ages ago. In fact, she even styled a neon orange pair similarly to how celebs might some today.

Here's Diana in 1995, rocking an oversized sweatshirt, biker shorts, and mid-calf socks before today's fashionistas were even born:

Times Newspapers/Shutterstock

Following Kim's lead, her sisters have taken to the trend as well; even Kourtney, who dragged her sister for her casual looks, has gotten on board. Kylie regularly poses on her Instagram wearing biker shorts and matching sports bras, Kendall is often spotted sporting a pair in paparazzi shots, and Khloé has even designed a line of chic biker shorts as a new activewear collection for her apparel line, Good American.

Kylie has really normalized the whole "workout clothes when I'm definitely not working out" trend on Instagram:

And I really love this Good American set by Khlo, featuring the Zip-Up Sports Bra ($59, goodamerican) and The Boy Short ($65, goodamerican):

For the record, I wore a leopard two-piece biker short set for my Kylie Jenner Halloween costume, so I guess I chose the wrong sister.

They were really comfortable, though, so no regrets:

If you think the Kardashians (and myself, obviously) are the only ones hip to this trend, think again. A myriad of models have incorporated biker shorts into their off-duty looks, including big names like Jordyn Woods, Emily Ratakowski, Jasmine Sanders, Kaia Gerber, Damaris Lewis, and Hailey Baldwin.

Jasmine Sanders gives us a "dressed up" biker shorts look complete with an accompanying trench coat:

And singer Normani reveals the secret to looking hot in a groutfit (an all-gray outfit). Spoiler Alert: It's biker shorts:

Also sporting a groutfit, Jordyn Woods shows off just how good curves look in these form-fitting bottoms. Yas, girl:

BTW, Jordyn's activewear line, SCNDNTURE, carries a ton of sporty biker shorts, most of which have matching sports bras available as well. Available in sizes XS-2XL, the Rib Biker Short ($39, are a great solid-colored starter option, while the black-and-yellow Classic Biker Short ($49, are certainly more bold.

Clearly, this trend isn't going away anytime soon, and after donning a pair for Halloween, I have to say I'm a fan. They're far more comfortable than jeans, allow for more movement than skirts, and can help me trick people into thinking I maybe just went to the gym. They'll never know! Here's to more biker shorts in 2019, whether or not I actually plan to work out.