The Best Wellness Retreats For People Who Are Stressed TF Out & Need A Break

by Julia Guerra

Congratulations friends — you are officially on the brink of summer, aka the season of rest and relaxation, aka three months of nothing but sun, sand, and poolside hangs. You’re on the cusp, but there’s a huge difference between daydreaming about taking a load off, and actually going through the motions of putting your feet up and chillaxing. Plus, if you’re working at a high-pressure job, taking summer courses, or just trying to balance a really busy schedule, vacation might be a long time coming. No worries, though, because the best wellness retreats for stress are geared toward people just like you who are strung out, need a break, and only have a few days to kick back. So if you’re stressed with limited “me” time to decompress, you might want to consider slightly quicker fixes until that two-week vacay is approved and booked.

I know myself, and I hardly ever think I actually need a vacation. I may want a vacation every other month (just ask my husband, he hears all the complaints), but the truth is, I'm a workaholic. So even when I can feel life taking a toll on my mental health, I'm likely to ignore the warning signs and push through for the sake of a deadline. Trust me, friends, do not live by my example. You and I could both use a little R&R, so even if you don't have a ton of time to spare, sometimes a long weekend is all it takes to reboot, and these luxurious retreats are an incredible place to start.

Find Solace When You Vacation Solo In St. Lucia
BodyHoliday Saint Lucia

No offense to your squad or SO, but sometimes, the best thing you can do for peace of mind is cut ties and communication for a few days to really hone in on what's stressing you out. Plus, when you go on vacay with a group, chances are you'll have to make sacrifices on which activities you engage in so everyone gets their way; if you travel by yourself, your itinerary is 100 percent, unapologetically yours.

At BodyHoliday in St. Lucia, the resort is hosting a "September Solos" retreat from August 26 through Sept. 30 2018. If you prefer tropical to mountainous views, the island, located in the West Indies, is sure to take your breath away. I mean, who wouldn't swoon at the sight of an ocean-view suite?

Once you book your stay, you'll be given a personalized schedule with spa treatments, fitness classes, land and water sports, as well as some social events sprinkled here and there, all of which are catered to your preferences, and what's going to benefit your mental health the most throughout your stay. BodyHoliday's retreat does focus a lot on holistic, physical activity, but rest assured, your experience won't feel like just another week at the gym. Each group class or solo workout will boost your endorphins (aka the happy hormones) and reduce stress, one sweat sesh at a time.

Learn How To Be Mindful In Miami
1 Hotel South Beach

If I've learned anything from being an adult, it's that, between work obligations, social events, and real-life responsibilities (like grinding to pay the bills), it's not always easy to stay in the present moment. If your focus isn't razor-sharp these days, step out of the chaos for a quick sec, and step into the Florida sun, instead.

The Beach Club of 1 South Beach is brand new for summer 2018, inviting you to ~find your zen~ oceanside this season. The resort offers a variety of good-for-you vacay activities, like rooftop sunbathing to soak in a ton of vitamin D, yoga classes to encourage mindfulness and stretch out any built-up tension in your muscles, holistic spa treatments, and air-conditioned cabanas to reap all the benefits of napping. If sweating out the stress is more your scene, the resort's Spartan Gym offers personal training sessions. Otherwise, you can always opt to just chill on the property's 600-foot, private beach.

Fuel Your Body And Soul With Some Delicious Food In Montauk
Noah Fecks Photography

Arguably the best part of vacation is not having to cook, or meal-prep, or even think about having to prepare your own food — unless, of course, you're one of those people who packs coolers full of snacks, fresh produce, and requests a suite with a kitchen, in which case, I do not understand your philosophy whatsoever.

Though, I totally get that not every buffet spread contains the healthiest of options, and you know what they say about food: It's fuel, sure, but what you eat affects how your brain functions, too, and some foods are better for stress and your mental well-being than others. To help you address these concerns, Marisa Hochberg, wellness director of The Surf Lodge in Montauk, has teamed up with the creator of the health-minded food service "Food Matters NYC,” Tricia Williams, to serve something called Daily Dose, a line of healthy, yet still incredibly delicious options.

The Surf Lodge's cafe serves decadent dishes like chocolate banana chia pudding with cordyceps mushrooms for brain power and beauty collagen coconut yogurt to revive your skin. Remember, vacation means indulgence, but that doesn't mean your meals should be all junk food. Together, Williams and Hochberg are breaking that stigma, keeping you satisfied, stress-free, and even providing a little foodie inspiration for meals back home.

Channel Your Inner Yogi In Ivins, Utah
Red Mountain Resorts

I know myself, and it can be extremely difficult for me to relax when I have a lot on my plate, and it seems like there just aren't enough hours in the day to get it all done. When the going gets rough, my first line of defense is always a yoga flow.

For 2018, the Red Mountain Resort, located in Ivins, Utah, has officially added an "Essential Yoga Weekend Retreat" series to its roster, and never have I ever been so anxious to get myself to Utah. Each stay lasts four days and three nights, and follows an itinerary that includes guided hikes, three healthy, super delicious meals, and all kinds of yogi activities to choose from like sunrise yoga, yoga in Snow Canyon State Park, and guided chakra balancing. You can even take a soothing sound bath. Trust me, "zen AF" doesn't even begin to describe how you'll be feeling by the end of it all.

Treat Yourself To Spa Packages At The Cliff House In Maine

New England is like a world of its own, and Maine is among its most beautiful locations. If you're in dire need of a quick getaway with plenty of aesthetic, Cliff House Maine should be your first stop, but more specifically, you have to hit up the resort's luxurious spa.

As much as you might love indulging in self-care on a Sunday night, there's nothing better than someone rubbing your back, or running their fingers through your hair, in my opinion, at least. Cliff House takes things up a notch with a range of holistic services that are incredibly original. I highly recommend checking out the resort's wide variety of massages, of course, but it's also worth your time to dabble in the more unique treatments offered here, like rituals inspired by the earth elements, matcha green tea facials, acupressure, and body-focused treatments to revitalize your outer, as well as inner shell.

Keep in mind that physical stress and mental stress are connected. One is bound to affect the other, so when you're looking for the best wellness retreats for your kind of stress, explore every option that piques your interest, be it a calming spa weekend, or a trip dedicated to working up a sweat on the beach every day. There's more to wellness than yoga and kale, friends. You just have to find what works for you, and roll with it for a weekend when real life stresses you TF out.