The Best Reception Outfit For Each Bride, According To Her Zodiac Sign

If you're about to get married, then you probably have a lot of decisions to make. You've spent the last few months planning every single detail of your special day. You took engagement photos and toured a couple of venues before settling on the most elegant spot near the beach. Everything will look lovely, simply because you've put so much time and effort into the little things, like picking out flowers and chalkboards for labeling the tables. The ceremony will be romantic, but after you say "I do," it's all about the reception. The best reception outfit for every bride is purely based on her zodiac sign. So, look to the stars when it comes picking out what to wear.

It was a whirlwind picking out your wedding dress. You wanted something that would make it look like you were floating down the aisle. Not to mention, all of those episodes of Say Yes To The Dress set the standards pretty high. You found exactly what you were looking for, though, and are now considering purchasing a second outfit for the party part of the evening.

Once the cocktails are poured, it's all about hitting the dance floor and partying with your friends and family. You'll be wide awake until dawn, celebrating the start of such an amazing adventure. Having the right look is so necessary, and you'll want to leave your reception outfit to the fashion sense of the stars.


David Koma Side Split Midi Dress

Rent the Runway

Bold and beautiful is by far your style, Aries. The stars know your wedding will likely be big. You've just created such a following over the years, and couldn't imagine walking down the aisle without all of your friends and family sitting nearby. At your reception, you want to make a dramatic entrance, and nothing will turn that aisle into a runway better than an elegant side split.


Bronx and Banco Tulip Lace Gown


You have such a sense for high-end fashion, Taurus. So, leaving this decision up to the stars might be a bit difficult for you. Don't worry, they truly have your best interests in mind. They brought you to your significant other, after all! For your reception, this tulip lace gown is effortlessly gorgeous, just like you. You want an outfit that you can rely on to look amazing in all of the pictures, and this one won't disappoint.


Sparks Fly Dress


Gemini, you're all about the glitz and glam. Your wedding will likely be all about sparkles, because they speak to your soul and star sign. The whole event will be wonderful for you, and the reception is truly your time to shine because you're so social. This dress will surely be a topic to talk about, and you won't have any problem with that.


Allison Parris Sugar Coat Dress

Rent the Runway

Life is better when you're in a sweet dress like this, Cancer. You're an incredibly emotional person, so your wedding day will be filled with a lot of happy tears. Every time one of your besties got married, you were sure to carry some extra tissues in your bag. Now, you're the bride, and you want to bring the romance straight to the reception. This dress with its stunning tulle skirt will make you look like a princess. Happily ever afters really do happen, after all.


Mara Jumpsuit


It's your time to shine, Leo. Your wedding day is all about you and your significant other. You've undoubtedly had such a fun and adventurous start to your love story, but there's still so much to come! Your summer baby soul has always been the life of the party, and you love going out on a Saturday night just to dance until dawn. This jumpsuit will let you move and groove in style and sleekness during your reception.


Adrianna Papell Plus Size Embellished Gown


You're so down to Earth, Virgo. Your wedding day will be simple and elegant. Buying a second dress for the reception might not have been on your mind until now. But, you've worked so hard leading up to saying, "I do," so why not splurge a bit and go with the trends? Something simple with a bit of floral embellishments will keep you grounded throughout the day.


Adrianna Papell Off-The-Shoulder Lace Bell-Sleeve Dress


To be honest, anything would look lovely on you, Libra. You want to wear something that's comfortable and doesn't create much of a fuss. Anything with a big train or a big tulle skirt just aren't your vibes. But, a bell sleeve will be the right amount of glam for your wedding day. You're hoping that everyone has a good time. All of this planning has been stressful, and you could use a little bit of peace of mind.


Michael Costello x REVOLVE Amelia Gown


Nothing will show off your sweet side like a sweetheart neckline, Scorpio. Out of all the star signs, you've probably been daydreaming about your wedding day the most. You fall head over heels for every romantic comedy, and have already been at least one person's maid of honor. Maybe you should get into wedding planning? After your big day, you could probably pull off another fairytale without a hitch.


Marchesa Notte Metallic Floral Cocktail Dress

Rent the Runway

Who says you have to wear white to the reception, Sagittarius? You're going to head straight for the bar and then dance with your besties, so it's honestly much more practical to wear a cocktail dress. Your wedding will likely take place in some unreal destination around the world. All of your guests flew to a tropical island, or hiked to the top of a mountain to watch you say, "I do." So, splurging on a second dress for the reception sounds just about right.


Adrianna Papell Plus Size Beaded A-Line Dress


You'll be looking pretty in pink, Capricorn. On your wedding day, you'll be living life through a pair of rose-colored glasses. You likely curated the perfect playlist so that your guests are in just the right #mood, and it's full of romantic classics like "La Vie En Rose" by Louis Armstrong. Having a dress that's blush pink will seem so sweet, and a little sparkle seems practical for your star sign, too.


Michael Costello x REVOLVE Athena Bodysuit


Believe in the bodysuit, Aquarius. This look will be a bit different from the other ones out there, because it's a two-piece look. You're a fashionista at heart, and have so much personality, so going for a look that's simple just wouldn't feel right. You'll have to find a long and flowing skirt to pair with this piece, but you have an eye for beautiful things and a soul that loves to shop. Finding independence has always been important to you, but sharing your life with another person is bound to be an adventure, as well.


Love Is Love Dress


Love is in the air, Pisces. Like you, this dress has lots of layers. You're an emotional person, but often like to keep to yourself. Dating was truly tricky because you appreciate your "me" time, but the universe brought you to "the one" just the same. At your reception, you'll fall head over heels for the love songs and slow dances. Having a look that's easy and elegant fits right in with your style.