A happy woman in a yellow swimsuit plays with the sprinklers outside in the summer.
These Inflatable Sprinklers Give Off Such A Summer Throwback Vibe


Finding new ways to have fun in your own backyard is your current summer goal. If you're looking for a mix of nostalgia and Instagram-worthy-ness, the best inflatable sprinklers for summer 2020 may be exactly what you need. They will not only remind you of playing with your siblings and neighborhood crew all summer as kids, but they'll also be the most adorable accessories to keep you company whenever you're chilling in the backyard.

Now that you're totally onboard with the sprinkler setup, the next question is deciding which one to get. Like it's almost impossible choosing just one summer pool float, you'll want to collect all the inflatable sprinklers out there. They are all super adorable, like a giant corgi or magical narwhal.

When tasked with such a difficult decision, sometimes it's best to channel your overall summer vibe. Opt for an inflatable cactus that's so chill, he's wearing sunglasses. If you're all about making this the best summer yet with your house mates, go with a monster sprinkler that's big enough for all of you to enjoy at the same time. Pretty much any of the eight inflatables on this list can be just the sprinkler on top of your summertime fun.

This Giant Unicorn

Are you looking for something that you and your roomies can enjoy together? Well, this inflatable unicorn sprinkler stands over six feet tall and is sure to keep everyone who's chilling nearby refreshed. While you're at it, play some nostalgia-filled backyard games for an extra fun time with your people.

This Monster Inflatable

This bright blue monster inflatable is really a giant, as it stands at six feet tall. And although it may seem massive when it's all blown up, it folds nicely and can be stored away when you're not spending time outside.

This Adorable Narwhal

Narwhals are the perfect combo of cute and magical, and this summer, you can chill with one in your very own backyard. Whether you're playing games or simply cooling off in the sprinkler, you'll narwhalways have a refreshing and fun time.

This Cool Cactus

This inflatable cactus gives off incredibly cool vibes. It will look really rad in any backyard pics you snap this season. So, put on your fave pair of sunnies and get ready for a #twinning moment.

This Vibrant Watermelon

If you can't stop listening to "Watermelon Sugar" by Harry Styles and have officially deemed it the song of summer, you'll want to get an inflatable to match. At three feet tall, this jumbo watermelon is the perfect sized inflatable for when you're lounging in a hammock in your backyard.

This Cute Corgi

If you want to get a sprinkler that you and your dog can enjoy together, this corgi inflatable is the way to go. This inflatable almost guarantees sweet snaps of your dogs trying to catch water droplets in their mouths, so make sure you have some dog pun captions ready to use in your IG Story.

This Tall T-Rex

This inflatable T-Rex stands over six feel tall when inflated. Whether you're dancing in the water or laying out for a tan nearby, you'll have a t-riffic time cooling off. Plus, the tiny T-Rex arms are too cute not to mention.

This Friendly Croc

If staying cool while you soak up that vitamin D is your priority, this adorable crocodile inflatable may be your new backyard BFF. It's not very tall, so it's perfect for some solo summertime fun. Lounge nearby for a little refreshing splash, or jump over the croc whenever you need to quickly cool down from the hot sun.