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35 Instagram Story Captions For Your Pup Who Deserves All The Appaws

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As a dog mom, you probably get those phone storage notifications on the regular. You can't help it if you're constantly snapping cute pics and videos of your pup. To help clear off some space, it's time to share the best snaps on IG and use some Instagram Story captions for dogs to make your stories extra paw-some. Sometimes, your Instagram Story is the best place to photo drop a bunch of cute memories at a time, but you don't want to overwhelm your feed with pic after pic.

Captions may be most known for your Instagram posts, but you can add text to any video or snap on your IG Story to make it truly un-fur-gettable. Make a cute collage using the layout option in your stories. It's an easy way to share a ton of pics all at once. When it's time to hit share, include any of these 35 dog captions along with some sweet GIFs.

Ten times out of 10, your pup is being too cute for words, so these captions will help say everything for you. Also, when your dog is doing some tricks, you don't want to look away. Having dog puns and cute quotes on the ready will help will only help you share without having to take your eyes away for too long. Your pup's a good boy, after all, and deserves your undivided attention.

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1. "Thanks fur the memories, and Instagram for reminding me of them."

2. "The sweetest fluff you've ever seen."

3. "And I will always woof you! [music notes emoji]"

4. "Life is ruff being that cute, huh?"

5. "Tell my pup he's a good boy by commenting below."

6. "Oh you know, just my best friend being the cutest."

7. "Felt cute. Might go play fetch later."

8. "I'm pawsitive this is the cutest pic you'll see all day."

9. "There's no way to have a ruff day with this cutie around."

10. "This is what we look like after a midday nap."

11. "Thanks fur watching my story. Here's a pic of my pup."

12. "The puggle is real rn."

13. "You have the corg-key to my heart."

14. "Went to a fur-tune teller today, and they said you were gonna have a woof-derful day."

15. "Stop trying to make fetch happen." — Mean Girls

16. "We didn't choose the pug life, the pug life chose us."

17. "Reason #597 why dogs are man's best friend."


18. "Our favorite song is 'Don't Stop Retrieving.'"

19. "My selfies are always better when you're in them."

20. "#NoFilter needed when you're this cute."

21. "Let's give a round of appaws for my pup."

22. "I can't say no to this face."

23. "This is one of a million photos I took of my dog napping."

24. "I found America's Next Top Model, and it's my pup."

25. "I'm just trying to make my dog an Instagram su-paw-star."

26. "I guess I should have warned you before I put all this cuteness into one IG Story."

27. "My dog was looking quite fetching today."

28. "Ruff being this adorable."

29. "I found my dog laying down like this. I shih tzu not."

30. "Feel free to take some time to paws and reflect while watching my Instagram Story."

31. "Howl you doing?"

32. "Just pug-get about all your problems and look at my dog instead."

33. "Is this a floof ball or my dog? Vote below."

34. "On a scale of cute to cutest, where does my dog lie?"

35. "I look at my dog the way he/she looks at a Milk-Bone."

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