These Celebrity FaceApp Photos Are So Freaky, But I Can't Look Away

by Hollee Actman Becker
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Not gonna lie, it's been kinda fun on social media these last few months. First, Snapchat gave us the gender-swap filter. Then, we got the baby filter. And now, thanks to a little application called FaceApp, we get to see how everyone will look around 50 years from now. Kinda freaky, right? FaceApp has been around since 2017, but it's back big time, baby, thanks to a whole bunch of celebrities who have posted pics using the app's geriatric filter. The Jonas Brothers, Noah Centineo, and Drake have all jumped on the trend, and OMG the pics are actually so realistic. So yeah, we decided to round up the best celebrity FaceApp photos because they are just so amazing and creepy all at the same time.


Drake was one of the first stars to share a photo of themselves in faux old age. The rapper posted a #FaceApp image of himself rocking a grey beard on his Instagram on July 16, then challenged his followers to come up with a caption to win tickets to OVO Fest 2019. Some of my fave offerings included: "Papa Aubrey," "Champagnegrandpapi," and "She say do you love me I tell her only partly I only love my cane and my grandkids, I’m sorry."

That last one is the clear winner, IMHO. Anyway, here's the pic:

The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Bros also shared a photo of themselves using the aging filter. "When you take a trip to the Year 3000," they captioned the pic of the three of them. Well done, sirs! TBH, this pic of the old trio is by far my fave. I mean, Kevin and Nick (who look a little like Bill Murray and Alan Thicke) are full-on grey with matching silver facial hair. But Joe is somehow still rocking those signature black curls, along with a face full of wrinkles. Something tells me wife Sophie Turner — and their great-great-great-granddaughter? — is totally here for it and doing fine.

Noah Centineo

Woah, Woah, Woah. The To All The Boys I've Loved Before star is pretty much unrecognizable in his FaceApp pic. He's still got a full head of hair, thank you very much, but his face is in full-on grandpa mode, and I will never be able to unsee it.

"If I don’t look like this in 50 years I’m gonna be so [pissed]," Centineo gamely captioned the shot. Check it out:

Brody Jenner

The Hills star got kinda creative with his #FaceApp photo. Instead of using the aging filter on a solo pic, he used it on an image of himself with Clint Eastwood. The result is actually hilarious, and so is his caption: "Clint and I out for the early bird special at Golden Corral. Come through for the bomb split pea soup. #seniordiscount."

Scooter Braun

Scooter Braun — who's been battling it out with Taylor Swift since July after he bought her old label, Big Machine, and all her pre-2019 masters in the process — nailed his caption, as well.

"Last couple of weeks have really taken a toll on me," he wrote.

Lindsey Vonn

And, of course, Lindsey Vonn and her husband are planning to throw the best parties at the retirement home.

Take a look at the rest of these amazing celebrity #FaceApp transformations:

Busy Phillips

Lil Nas X

Sam Smith


James Marsden

USA Women's World Cup Champions

Kevin Hart

I just want to thank the FaceApp for this wonderful moment in the history of celebrity social media.

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