The 10 Worst Cities To Find Love In The U.S. Have Been Revealed

Pucker up! Actually, wait — maybe not. Ugh, dating is a tricky game to play. It's like being dealt a handful of cards, and hoping that something magical happens. It's scanning the kings and the queens in their different suits, hoping that there's an ace somewhere in your hand. Every once in a while, you get lucky and the universe gives you only the best and brightest — the heart that perfectly complements your diamond-like personality. But, you're bound to run into some bad decks and places for love along the way. This is the latest 4-1-1: The 10 worst cities to find love in the U.S. have been revealed. So, save your kisses, cute texts, and sweet plays for somewhere else on your bucket list.

The welcome signs to these cities might as well say in very fine-writing, "Finding aces might be difficult here." It's no wonder that you haven't picked up on it when you're casually scrolling through Pinterest and watching those dreamy travel vlogs. You're more focused on the fun things to do, like scoping out the famous landmarks, best eateries, and cool breweries where you could tap into your love connections. (Nothing bonds two people like a soft pretzel, am I right?)

Your hope is that you may meet someone on a whim, just like a romantic comedy, with the music in the background and everything. You're traveling the world in search of your soulmate, and trying to read signals in cities from coast to coast. Let me save you some trouble: According to The Great Love Debate, a series of live theatrical events that tours across the country, these cities will swipe left for you — so, pucker up elsewhere.

What are the 10 worst cities to find love?


*Sips tea.* Here's the scoop: There are 10 cities in the U.S. that are not so good if you're searching for love. The single bachelors and bachelorettes in these places are making the dating game even more difficult for themselves. And travelers who are looking for a relationship or casual fling will likely feel it first-hand.

The Great Love Debate, after making 347 stops in 87 different cities around the world since 2014, revealed that these 10 cities are in serious need of some advice on love: Seattle, San Jose, Phoenix, Portland, Denver, Philadelphia, Dallas, Las Vegas, New York, and Los Angeles. The worst of these cities is Seattle, where the dating dynamic just wasn't up to par this year.

Although these cities might be a daydream come true for sight-seeing, eating, and new experiences, their rankings in the love department aren't as successful. You should buy a plane ticket to explore the bustling streets, or take a ride on the subway. The designer stores along Rodeo Drive or the art museums in Philadelphia are still worth the trip. But, don't expect to find the greatest love story of all time in front of a Monet painting, OK?

What makes Seattle the worst city to find love?

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What makes Seattle the worst place for finding love on this list? It's quite simple: the lack of communication, confidence, and optimism. These three things are essential to building a connection with someone else, and forming a long-lasting relationship. Think about it: Would you seriously consider dating someone who was negative all the time, or waiting for something to go wrong? Probably not.

Brian Howie, America's top dating influencer and host of The Great Love Debate, says via a press release from The Great Love Debate, "Of all the places where the disconnect grew wider this year, Seattle's grew the widest; leaving a gloomy puddle of aggravated women, socially-awkward men, and rain water." (Side note: There's a travel tip here. Bring an umbrella!)

Hey, but maybe you can change the dynamic when you visit! Hike the mountains with your significant other, or find love at the peak. Strike up a conversation at the Space Needle or with your barista at the Starbucks roastery. Next to soft pretzels, coffee shops make for a great first date place. (You heard it here first.)

How did The Great Love Debate discover these results?

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Thanks to traveling and touring all over the U.S., The Great Love Debate had a lot to consider when it came to these results. They took the opinions and demographics of more than 92,000 singles who have been at the tour's shows over the past five years. Then, they combined that data with the opinions and demographics of the millions of listeners of the "Great Love Debate with Brian Howie Podcast" — and came up with these 10 cities.

The results showed that Mr. Big from Sex and the City set the standards pretty high in New York City, and that being too nice was also a factor in negative love findings. The Great Love Debate tour is meant to be funny and interactive. But, it's still good to reinforce that television and movies aren't always mirroring real life — especially when it comes to the dating scene.

What can you do to increase your chances of finding love?

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So, what can you do to increase your chances of finding love? Well, first things first: Take the findings from Seattle into consideration. Communication, confidence, and optimism is key.

Be open-minded when it comes to first dates and meeting new people. You might find your soulmate when you're least expecting it, and suddenly you're launched into the greatest love story of all time. Second, know your worth and what you want and need from another person. And last but not least, speak your mind. It's important to keep communication at the forefront of any relationship. Just like that, you might find some love in the cities that are currently known as the worst, and change the results around.