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Taylor Swift's "Delicate" Lyrics Are So Adorable, You'll Want To Send Them To Your BF


It has been the longest few weeks of my (and the internet's) life waiting for Taylor Swift to drop Reputation. Now that it's finally here, fans are almost too over-stimulated to focus for just a freaking minute and acknowledge that Taylor Swift's "Delicate" lyrics are everything. Sure, sure, the track is precariously placed as fifth on the album, causing it to potentially get lost among all of the other hullabaloo, but actually, this song is a damn dream.

Here, take a look at these romantic AF lyrics:

Hold on to your butts, because the rest of the song gets even dreamier.


In general, the title immediately jumps out with a different vibe and tone amongst some of the other punchier track names, like "I Did Something Bad," "This Is What We Can't Have Nice Things," and "Don't Blame Me." While Taylor is seemingly using this album as an opportunity to flip the script and transform herself from being the nice girl next door to a fierce music warrior princess, "Delicate" give us a breath of fresh air on an otherwise ferocious-pop record. Here's a link to buy it on iTunes.

Of course, one of the main things Swifties are up to is analyzing every syllable... in every word... of every line... of every song... for hints or insight into her relationship with Joe Alwyn. "Delicate" is no different, leaving us all like, "WAIT, ARE WE TALKING ABOUT JOE OR WHAT?"

In a very non-Taylor-Swift-like approach, Tay-Tay and Joe have kept most of their relationship on the DL, which has been difficult for Taylor Swift fans to grapple with. On one hand, we want to give her privacy, but on the other hand, this is Taylor Swift we're talking about here, and we want in on all the juicy, romantic details!

Plus, if there's one thing Swift is good at, it's hiding Easter eggs for all of us to freak out over in her work. For example, her music video for "...Ready For It?" was packed full of secret imagery, signs, and messages, all ripe and ready to be broken down by fans on Twitter.

The internet learned some of the Chinese symbols translated to "Ed" and "Future," and coincidentally, both Ed Sheeran and the rapper Future popped up on a collaboration for the song "End Game." Fans also spotted the messages "I loved you in secret," "All eyes on us," and "This is enough," which were initially thought to be song titles. Of course, we learned that was a misdirect when the track list actually came out.

Some of the lucky people who were able to attend Swift's secret listening sessions definitely suggested we listen to the songs in order. It's an innovative idea, I know.

But, it turns out, there is a very specific rhyme and reason to the order of the songs beyond just mixing up the tone and mood. Apparently, each song tells a piece of a story, and by listening to the record in order, the meaning of life will be revealed to you... or something like that.

Specifically, multiple people say it's important to listen to "...Ready For It?" immediately followed by "End Game."


Dear fans, let's just listen. Shall we?

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