Taylor Swift Reportedly Has A New Boyfriend And Fans Are Freaking Out

by Mary Kate Hoban
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AHHHHHHH! Big news, people: It looks like Taylor Swift is no longer single!

According to People, Taylor Swift is dating British actor Joe Alwyn.

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Elite Daily reached out to reps for both Swift and Alwyn, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

After her super high-profile, whirlwind relationship with Tom Hiddleston last year, Swift's been seriously off the radar for most of 2017, and apparently this new secret relationship is at least partially to blame.

The 1989 singer is renting a house in North London and going to great lengths -- like wearing wigs when she's out and about -- to keep her new boyfriend a secret, according to reports.

So who is Joe Alwyn?

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Well for starters, he's 26 years old, which is much younger than her two previous boyfriends, 36-year-old Tom Hiddleston and 33-year-old Calvin Harris.

Alwyn's career really got going last year with his breakthrough role in "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk," which also starred Kristen Stewart and Vin Diesel. He'll also star in the upcoming psychological thriller "Keepers" and "The Favourite," a period comedy in which he'll play Emma Stone's love interest.

This new relationship has reportedly been going on for several months, which leaves fans a little shocked as to how they've stayed so secretive.

We all remember last year's infamous paparazzi shots of Swift and Hiddleston kissing on the rocks.

That relationship, which came on the heels of her breakup with Calvin Harris in June 2016, ended in September, reportedly because Swift wasn't comfortable with things being so public.

So it's not surprising Swift would want to keep this relationship in the dark for as long as she could. It's also not surprising the 27-year-old Grammy winner fell for a Brit. Before Hiddleston and Harris, she dated British singer Harry Styles in 2012.

Clearly, the internet is freaking out over this news.


Now that the news has broken, I imagine it won't be long before paparazzi get photos of these two together.

I guess it's time to come up with a couple name. Talwyn? Jaylor? I'll keep working on it.