Shape Tape Concealer Is 25% Off RIGHT NOW, & The Sale Only Lasts 24 Hours

Let's get down to business, because one of my all-time fave brands has one of their all-time best-selling product on sale for just 24 hours, so there's quite literally no time to waste. If you haven't already heard, Tarte Cosmetics' October 2019 Shape Tape Sale is happening as we speak, so if you want to snag the brand's iconic full-coverage concealer for a whopping 25% off, finish reading this article and then go directly to the Tarte site. Don't overthink it — this is one impulse buy I promise you won't regret. Scout's honor!

If you're a new lover of Tarte, it might be hard to believe that the brand is already celebrating birthday number 19, but it's true! And with that, what better way to celebrate than by giving the gift of Shape Tape to all its adorees? I dare you to find a beauty guru video on YouTube in which Shape Tape isn't used, or at the very least mentioned. This stuff is everywhere, and rightly so, because it's bomb AF. Like, to the point where my personal makeup collection feels incomplete without at least a tube or two.

To prove my point, I just reached into my makeup collection to see how much Shape Tape I have right now, and the answer is two full-size tubes and two minis:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

Satisfying! BTW that crystal topper is part of Tarte's festive ~holiday collection~, and I love it oh so much.

Anyway, let's get back to those sale deets, shall we?

Today and today only, shoppers to the Tarte website can snag 25% off Shape Tape Contour Concealer ( using the code "SHAPETAPE" at checkout.

Oh, and you get that holiday crystal Shape Tape topper I mentioned earlier as a free gift with purchase! Are you thrilled? I'd be thrilled:

There are 30 shades of Shape Tape to choose from, and the vegan, matte formula boasts an impressive full-coverage finish. Already fully stocked? The sale isn't just limited to concealer, y'all — any and all Shape Tape family products are 25% off!

Yes, even my tried and true Face Tape Foundation ($35,, available in 50 shades with four undertones:

Plus, get 25% off the Base Tape Hydrating Primer ($30, to prep skin pre-Shape Tape for a flawless base:

And if you're really going for a full face of Shape Tape, you'll snag the Shape Tape Pressed Powder ($32, and the Stay Spray Vegan Setting Spray ($25,, all — you guessed it! — for 20% off:

And at risk of tempting you further, I have to let you know that The Shaper Sponge ($18, is my all-time favorite beauty sponge. Yup, you're gonna have to add that to your cart, too:

Believe it or not, that's not even everything in the Shape Tape sale, and you can check out the entire Shape Tape family over on the Tarte website. Keep in mind, the clock is ticking, so if you want 25% off America's number one concealer and a bevy of other bomb beauty products, it's time to start shopping!