Tarte Just Created A Shape Tape Setting Spray To Add To Your Collection Of Shape Tape Products

Summer is officially in session, people, and Tarte is gearing up to be the number one brand of the season. How to do just that, you ask? With an incredible sitewide sale during the first week of June, and a brand new setting spray that's destined to change the game. Tarte Cosmetics' Shape Tape Stay Spray is finally here, and I refuse to wear makeup on a hot summer day without it.

I admit, I wasn't always a setting spray believer, but after experiencing the power of a good spritz from a few fantastic formulas, I've become someone who can't get ready without it. I always have a good setting spray on hand at my vanity, and I even keep minis in my bag for mid-day touchups to ensure I don't look ~too~ cakey. I have my favorites already, but after hearing all the hype about the Shape Tape Stay Spray Setting Spray ($25,, I'm ready to add another to my collection. Given that the Shape Tape Concealer is one of the brand's most popular products to date, shoppers can assume anything with the ST name is extra-special, so I've got extremely high hopes, to say the least.

Hello, beautiful new setting spray, and welcome to the Shape Tape family!

Tarte Cosmetics

The new spray has a vegan formula infused with refreshing cucumber and aloe extracts, and its meant to keep makeup looking fresh and skin feeling smooth for a whopping 16 hours. To be clear, you shouldn't be wearing makeup any longer than that, so this baby should more than get you through the day looking fab. Exciting stuff!

Plus, Tarte were sure to create a micro mist formula so the product dispenses as an airy cloud of water, instead of drowning your makeup in droplets. We've all been there:

Tarte Cosmetics

If you know me, you know I'm a "full face of foundation, concealer, contour, and powder every damn day" kind of gal, even in the summer, so I only have time for products that will really ensure my look stays cute, not cakey. I can't risk it!

If you've ever experienced a midsummer makeup meltdown like the below, you need this new formula:

Tarte Cosmetics

And of course, Tarte goes all out to show just how well this product works:

There are only two other sprays in the entire Tarte range: The Ready, Set, Radiant Skin Mist ($25,, which is more of a freshing, hydrating formula than a lock-it-in, stay-all-day setting spray, and the Rainforest of the Sea 4-in-1 Setting Mist ($12,, which is meant to keep makeup on for 12 hours max, and is currently only available on their site in a travel size version. Given that the Stay Spray offers 16 hour wear, it's a welcome addition to the lineup.

If you want to snag the Shape Tape Stay Spray for yourself, you can find it live on the Tarte website as we speak. If you plan on serving looks this summer and want them to last, I highly suggest you snag it ASAP.