Taco Bell's New Hot Sauce Packet Halloween Costumes Are Straight Fire

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Courtesy of Taco Bell
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As soon as summer comes to an end, I always get a little down, but I keep my spirits up knowing that Halloween is just around the corner. Halloween and the fall season can be just as magical as summer. If you're looking for a fun group costume idea, Taco Bell is serving up a Halloween Collection that will spice things up. Inspired by your favorite hot sauce packets and, you guessed it, a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Taco Bell's 2019 Halloween Collection is now available via their website. So, the sooner you consult your squad, the sooner you can become one with your inner hot sauce.

Whether your favorite hot sauce is Diablo, Verde, Hot, or Fire, Taco Bell has your back this Halloween. The hot sauce costumes are available in tunic versions, as well as dresses, and feature some of the punny or attitude-laden sayings featured on the actual hot sauce packets.

For example, the Diablo Sauce Tunic says "Next Level," while the dress version of Diablo says "You Thought You Were Hot." Each different type of sauce has a unique saying for both the dress and the tunic. While I would probably be Diablo Sauce in a group costume setting, because of my love for anything spicy, the other sauces have some golden sayings on them.

One of my favorites is the Fire Sauce Dress and its phrase "I'm my favorite too."

If you really want to meet those #squadgoals this Halloween, check out the options Taco Bell has online for their Hot Sauce Packet Tunics and Dresses. Imagine rolling into a Halloween party like this:

Courtesy of Taco Bell

It's tough to think of coordinating costume ideas. Seriously, though, what goes together better than Taco Bell Fire Sauce and Taco Bell Hot Sauce? If you're looking for a cute costume idea that isn't too serious this Halloween, the Fire Sauce Packet Dress and the Hot Sauce Packet Tunic will win iconic duo award. With the sayings, "Too Good To Not Be True" and "I'm My Favorite Too," it'll be hard for anyone to deny.

If you want to look slightly reminiscent of Tinker Bell, but rep for Taco Bell, the Taco Bell's Verde Salsa Sauce Packet Dress is the perfect fit. So despite this one being "the one that got away" it's back as a cute little get-up for the Halloween season.

Looking for a family-friendly group costume? The perfect family Halloween photo begins with the Taco Bell Cheesy Gordita Crunch Tunic and ends with the 7-Layer Burrito Baby Bunting. Trick-or-treat with the best of them with an unforgettable group costume. Seriously, who can resist a kid dressed like a burrito?

With the release of Taco Bell's 2019 Halloween Collection, it's easy to see that there is a high demand for Taco Bell products. In August, they released their Taco Bell Back to School Collection for 2019. Proving successful already, you can find these adorable back to school items for college on their Taco Bell Shop's Fall Section.

More recently, the company announced that they would be rolling out a vegetarian menu at Taco Bell locations nationwide, starting Sept. 12. And although Taco Bell revamped their menu and got rid of some fan faves, it seems to me like Taco Bell is doing things right. Especially with this release of a Halloween Collection, as fans of Taco Bell have made DIY versions of Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet Costumes before. Now, Taco Bell goers can have the real deal from their 2019 Halloween Collection. Live Más.

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