Taco Bell Dropped A Back To School Collection With Sauce Packet Pencils & T-Bell Leggings

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Taco Bell

Now that it's back to school season, it's time to stock up on a bunch of products that will help you get on your way to making this the best school year yet. Of course, studying is made infinitely better with cute stationery and comfy outfits to get you through nights of essay writing and math problems. Stroll through the halls in style this fall with Taco Bell's Back to School 2019 collection.

The Back to School collection by Taco Bell officially launched on Aug. 20, and it will be available while supplies last. You'll want to head over to the Taco Shop website, where you can find a whole slew of new products for online purchase that will get you ready for campus life. The lineup has all the must-haves for your daily routine. The Taco Bell Cravings Backpack, which is priced at $55, looks as aesthetically pleasing as it does functional. The black backpack, which has colorful Taco Bell designs on it, is the perfect place to carry all your new books and supplies for the year. Of course, you won't want to start studying without the proper tools. Taco Bell has got your back with the Sauce Packet Pencils, which cost $10 for a 10-pack. The pencils, which have fun quotes on them like "The best things in life are spicy" and "Life is short, make it saucy," will keep you laughing while you cram for that test. There's also an adorable Taco Bell Cravings Pencil Pouch for $10 and a Taco Bell Numero Uno Notebook for $15 in the collection.

Courtesy of Taco Bell

Besides stationery, Taco Bell unveiled newly designed clothes for the season. The clothes all look super comfy and perfect for lounging around. The standouts from the collection include the Taco Bell Lollipop Sign Leggings which cost $55. If you're a diehard Taco Bell fan, there's no better way to show off your love for the fast food chain than wearing these warm black leggings with Taco Bell logos all over. There's also the Taco Bell Typography Hoodie for $45, which has a nice retro feel to it with the hiply designed typography. The Taco Bell Numero Uno Hoodie for $45, which has an artsy and bright illustration of a Taco Bell restaurant, is giving off major beach vibes.

Courtesy of Taco Bell

The release of the fall Back to School collection comes on the tails of Taco Bell's popular limited edition summer collection. The company released the summer collection in May 2019. The products, which include pool floaties, bikinis, and beach towels, are all geared toward helping fans achieve a fashionable yet relaxing day at the pool. There's even a Taco Bell themed beach umbrella and cooler. It looks like the fast food chain takes their foray into merchandising seriously, because there's really no product they haven't thought of.

There are so many reasons to celebrate the start of the school year this fall. Whether it's making memories with your pals, learning about the subjects you're passionate about or flaunting your tastiest Taco Bell apparel, it's about to be a good year.