You Can Actually Stay Overnight In A Dungeon This Halloween For The Spookiest Experience Ever

What's that sound? Maybe it's a ghost or a goblin waiting for midnight, or the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus casting a wicked spell. It could be a black cat meowing at the moon, or trick or treaters ringing doorbells in hopes of scoring oversized candy bars. You listen a little closer, and realize that you know that ruckus. It's the "Monster Mash" playing in the distance. The mystery has been solved, and you're ready to get spooked again. Well, guess what: You and your bestie can stay overnight in the San Francisco Dungeon this Halloween. Just pack a toothbrush for your vampire fangs, and a bit of bravery, too.

Word on the street is that this experience is going to send chills up your spine. (I mean, you're having a slumber party in a dungeon. So, it wouldn't be right if you didn't get a few goosebumps the second you walk through the door.) You're going to hang in your suite, and think to yourself, "Is this place haunted?" Possibly. But, your obsession with all-things Harry Potter taught you that most ghosts are friendly and just here for a good time.

You and your bestie may spend your entire night telling ghost stories, or reminiscing about sleepovers on Halloweens in the past. Back in the day, you two put on your devil costumes, ran around the neighborhood, and then sorted through your candy on floor. You stayed up late eating Kit-Kats and planning for next year, never imagining that an experience like this one could exist.

Let's be honest: Staying in a dungeon is everything you've been looking for on the spookiest night of the year. Those haunted houses, horror movies, and late-night tractor rides to the pumpkin patch at your local orchard have gotten old. But, you can probably pinky promise me right now that sleeping at this popular underground attraction is #goals. What are you waiting for? Brave people like you and your best friend need to book your boos RN.

How can you stay overnight in the San Francisco Dungeon this Halloween?

Thanks to, the global leader in securing travelers places to stay, staying overnight in the San Francisco Dungeon is easier said and done. You just have to follow a few steps, and then get prepared for the spookiest night of the year.

First thing's first: This unique experience is available to book beginning on Wednesday, Oct. 24 at noon EST. The "Ghosts of Alcatraz" suite is available for booking on the nights of Oct. 29-31, costing $66.60 per night, and is meant for up to two people. (Let's be honest: Would you really go without your bravest bestie? The answer seems pretty clear to me.) Be sure to get online early, because a slumber party in a spooky place is going to go fast. There's seriously no time to contemplate the question: Do you dare?

What can you expect during your stay in the dungeon?

The two souls who are lucky to stay in the dungeon can expect lots of tricks and treats coming their way. Upon arrival, each guest will receive a set of dungeon-issued pajamas, some midnight snacks (#necessary, because are you really going to sleep?), and a welcome cocktail.

From there, they can go check out the last San Francisco Dungeon show of the night, with VIP access, or attend a “witching-hour séance," to talk to the ghosts lurking in the dark halls.

Before you and your best friend start prepping your own tales of trouble, you should know that you can also expect a ghost story before going to bed. After getting a good night's sleep (Maybe.), you are treated to breakfast in bed with a bag of goodies on the side, and then sent out of the dark side. Sweet!

What other experiences can you have at the San Francisco Dungeon?

Since this suite is going to go fast, you should know that there are tons of other experiences you can have at the San Francisco Dungeon. Horror movies fans and lovers of Halloween alike can gather at this spooky spot for programs like guided séances (Just in case you can't talk to the dead on your own.), and exploring the historic Fisherman’s Wharf.

These festive and frightening adventures can be booked using Booking Experiences. Download it on your phone ASAP, and then start planning out your boos, OK?

How can you have your own spooky sleepover on Halloween night?


Last but not least, don't forget that a spooky sleepover is still possible — even without a dungeon. You simply have to get creative, put together a fun pop culture-inspired costume, and brew a wicked punch. Soon enough, all the ghosts and goblins will be doing the "Monster Mash" at your slumber party. (You may not be able to see them, but they're there!)

Gather up your girls, and start with a shared Google Doc. Have everybody write down what snack or candy they're going to contribute, and decide where all the boos are going to go down. On the night of, pack your bag with cat ears, comfy blankets, and a flashlight. You may want to light a few fall-scented candles when you get there, too. Just like that, you're feelin' festive and ready to stay up until midnight.