Sperry Dropped 15 Rosé-Colored Shoes & They Start At $40, So I Guess I'm On A Boat

Courtesy of Sperry

Rosé wine has gone where no wine has gone before. It's touched everything from cocktails to food to hashtags (#roseallday) and of course, fashion. You can drink rosé while looking at the world through your rose-colored glasses and now you can wear rosé-inspired footwear because Sperry shoes for women have been given the millennial pink beverage makeover.

The list of rosé merchandise is nearly endless: Rosé hard cider is one of the newer beverages to hit shelves, Sugarfina rosé gummy bears are heavenly and I've just gotten the idea to soak them in this rosé flavored vodka (I know, I'm brilliant), and I recently enjoyed a 40 oz. rosé at a BYOB restaurant (it's a great conversation starter). Rosé-inspired clothing is a new addition to this list, though, and your feet should be excited.

Sperry is probably most well-known for its boat shoes and durable winter boots, but the brand also makes some seriously cute sneakers, sandals, and flats, plus everything in between. Sperry shoes are already covetable but now that they're getting a douse of rosé, I'm even thirstier for a pair. The millennial pink footwear is available in 15 different styles starting at $40, and is available up to a size 12.

Am I making you thirsty, too? Good. Prepare for refreshments.

We're On A Boat (Shoe)

Live your best life, Luann.

Endeavor Leather Boat Shoe


Endeavor Leather Boat Shoe, $40, Sperry

These pale pink leather beauties used to cost $110, but they're on sale for $40! Shop them quickly if you're interested because there's nothing hotter than a millennial pink shoe on sale.

Koifish Mesh Boat Shoe


Koifish Mesh Boat Shoe, $90, Sperry

I'd like to call this pair: Sporty Spice goes sailing.

Oasis Canal Patent Boat Shoe


Oasis Canal Patent Boat Shoe, $90, Sperry

A modern take on a boat shoe, this patent leather option is almost shiny enough to see your beautiful reflection in.

Authentic Original Braided Jute Boat Shoe


Authentic Original Braided Jute Boat Shoe, $160, Sperry

The mega-yacht of boat shoes, this leather pair is the real deal.

Slip Into Something A Little More Comfortable

Just don't actually slip and fall.

Crest Creeper CVO Sneaker


Crest Creeper CVO Sneaker, $60, Sperry

No laces, no problem.

Seaside Perforated Sneaker


Seaside Perforated Sneaker, $60, Sperry

Perforated for form (it's pretty) and function (air flow).

(Another) Seaside Perforated Sneaker


Seaside Perforated Sneaker, $75, Sperry

Rosé pink all over all day.

Sneaky Sneaky

A different kind of sneak...

Captain's CVO Sneaker


Captain's CVO Sneaker, $60, Sperry

Aye aye, captain! A simple canvas sneaker is always a winner, especially in this pale pink color.

Crest Creeper Loop Sneaker


Crest Creeper Loop Sneaker, $60, Sperry

Velcro me up, Scotty!

7 SEAS Sport Boat Shoe


7 Seas Sport Boat Shoe, $90, Sperry

These are a boat shoe in name but I don't think you need sea legs to wear them.

7 SEAS Trysail


7 Seas Trysail, $90, Sperry

Sailors of all levels welcome here.

Expose Your Toes

I got my flippie floppies.

Calla Jade Sandal


Calla Jade Sandal, $60, Sperry

Your feel won't slip and slide around in these secure sandals.

Sunkiss Pearl Sandal


Sunkiss Pearl Sandal, $60, Sperry

My biggest pet peeve in sandals is a flimsy sole and these babies have a hefty platform to keep my precious feet away from the city soot.

Last But Not Least

I said not least! I do want to go shopping though.

Dronsfield Chelsea Boot


Dronsfield Chelsea Boot, $175, Sperry

Time for a mini fashion lesson! Chelsea boots are identified by the elastic side panels; there's no zipper, so they have a clean look and you can slip them right on. Lesson number two: You'll regret not snagging these rosé booties — wear them this summer with pants or dresses!

Seaport Penny Loafer


Seaport Penny Loafer, $100, Sperry

Penny for your thoughts on these loafers? I think they're pretty snazzy.

Now kick up your rosé-colored heels and enjoy a glass of your favoite pink wine, you deserve it.