Rosé Now Comes In 40s, Because White Girls Won't Stop Until They Ruin Everything

by Robert Anthony

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Yes, this is real life.

Rosé now comes in 40-ounce bottles because 25 ounces simply aren't enough.

Like you, I just want to know which white girl is responsible for this. I wouldn't be surprised if it were my own girlfriend (sorry, Heather).

Regardless of whom the mastermind is behind this new trend, I'd highly suggest ditching your current rosé collection for a case of these beauties this summer.

"#Genius" is right.

Be real, 40s are way cooler to look at compared to the standard, cookie-cutter rosé bottles. Plus, you get more wine for less money if you buy these.

Think about it: For $16, you can score yourself 40 ounces of rosé from France. If you spend anywhere from $15 to $25 dollars on a regular bottle of rosé, you're only getting about 750 mL (25.36 ounces)... And it might not even be authentic!

According to Cosmopolitan, Forty Ounce Wines was created by Patrick Cappiello. That proves my initial "white girl" theory to be drastically wrong.

Nevertheless, thank you, Mr. Cappiello!

Everyone around the country, regardless of their race or gender, is forever indebted to you for blessing us with such an exquisite masterpiece.

In addition to the attractive price point and the snazzy packaging, Cappiello's wines are produced in the Loire Valley by French winemaker Julien Braud. It doesn't get any more authentic than that, people!

The company also offers a muscadet in case you're in the mood to switch it up.

As of right now, Forty Ounce Wines' rosé bottles are available in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado and California. I wouldn't wait until the summer rolls around to snag a few cases, though.

The report states "the company has only produced 1,200 cases from the 2016 vintage." Cappiello confirmed that claim, saying they "probably won't last long."

Don't be the lame-o stuck in the past when it's time to kick back and sip on something nice this year. Find out where to get Forty Ounce Rosé near you.

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