5 Rosé-Flavored Foods & Desserts You Never Knew Existed

by Collette Reitz

If you live in a part of the country that really goes all-out for winter (I'm taking two feet of snow, below-zero temperatures, and salt stains on everything), then you're probably ticking off the days on your countdown to summer. Even if you live in a climate where winter conditions are less severe, you're likely looking forward to the season of pool parties and "rosé all day," too. There really is no good reason why you should have to wait until June to enjoy a little rosé treat. As you await the warmer weather, you can pay homage to your favorite summer drink with these five rosé-flavored foods and desserts.

Of course, I don't need to give you permission to enjoy a glass of rosé (if you're of legal age), even if it's not sunny and 75 degrees. Sometimes, though, it's fun to mix it up, and rosé-flavored treats are here to do just that. You might even enjoy these rosé-inspired bites so much that they find their way into your regular summer rosé rotation (hello, poolside snacks).

Since rosé is already on the sweeter tasting side, it perfectly lends itself to some dessert treats. So, get your sweet tooth ready for these must-try rosé-flavored foods and desserts.

1. Rosé Lollipops

Sweet Caroline Confections in Colorado debuted their rosé lollipops last May, and the sweet treat is made with real rosé wine, according to their website. Each sparkly lollipop gives your palette a taste of watermelon, strawberry, and raspberry flavors, and the rose gold shimmer is not only pretty, but it's also edible (thanks to the edible gold flakes). You can order 10 lollipops on their website for $35, and your rosé lollipops will come perfectly wrapped in a beautiful gold ribbon. Plus, you won't have to worry about spilling your wine.

2. Rosé Chocolate

OK, so this Roses & Rosé chocolate bar from Los Angeles-based chocolate company, Compartés, has been around for a couple of summers now, but that doesn't make it any less delicious. The handmade pink-hued chocolate bar is infused with French rosé and Compartés signature white chocolate, so it's the perfect treat for when you don't know if you want a glass of wine or dessert after dinner. With this chocolate, you get both. You can order the pretty in pink chocolate bar online for $10.

3. Rosé Popsicles

These rosé-flavored popsicles are the direct result of celebrating the "rosé all day" lifestyle. No, really, they are. Rosé Season (@roseseason) started as an Instagram account in 2014 by Sarah Billstein, and now the brand has its own popsicle made by FrutaPOP. These rosé boozy ice pops are rosé-infused popsicles that are exclusively made for Rosé Season by FrutaPOP. The price tag is a little hefty on these treats, but if you want get that frozen boozy goodness, you can grab 12 rosé boozy ice pops for $100 on the Rosé Season website.

4. Rosé Gummy Bears

When it comes to your rosé gummy needs, Sugarfina is here for you. Based in Los Angeles (with multiple U.S. locations), the cool confectionary has all kinds of rosé-infused gummy treats, including: Rosé All Day Bears, Sparkling Rosé Bears, Baby Rosé Bears, and But First, Rosé Roses. All of the gummy sweet treats are infused with real rosé, and you can take your pick when it comes to how much you want. Sugarfina sells Small and Large Candy Cubes, 2.5 pound bulk bags, and they even have taster packets. The Small Candy Cube starts at just $9, and you can order it on the Sugarfina website (and then totally up your candy game for your next trip to the movie theater).

5. Rosé Swizzle Stick

This last treat comes from Sugarfina as well, and it's the rosé dessert that you never knew you needed. The 24K Rosé Swizzle Stick gets its chic look because the rosé rock candy is dipped in edible 24K gold. You can enjoy the sweet treat on its own, or you can heed the advice on Sugarfina's website and pair it with your favorite rosé. Apparently, when you dip your 24K Rosé Swizzle Stick into your drink, the gold "dissolves to shimmery golden specks." It sounds like the perfect (and most sparkly) way to stay occupied until summer finally arrives. You can buy one Shimmery Swizzle Stick for $8.50 on the Sugarfina website.

Waiting is never fun, and waiting for a dreary winter to finally end is especially taxing, but now you can pass the time with these rosé-flavored treats until rosé season actually arrives. Plus, it'll be good practice before you're firmly back in the "rosé all day" mindset — you've gotta walk before you run (or in this case, snack before you sip).