Rosé-Flavored Vodka Exists & It'll Make Every Day Feel Like Summer

Rosé is pretty much perfect for (practically) any occasion. Happy? Celebrate with a glass of rosé. Down in the dumps? Cheer up and pop open a bottle of rosé. But if you've ever wanted to experience the taste of rosé in a non-wine form, that is now a possibility — and TBH, I am so freaking eager to try it out. So if you're as into the idea of it as I am, here's where to buy rosé-flavored vodka by Hangar 1. Me and my rosé-lovin' tastebuds are quite literally dancing in anticipation.

Per Cosmopolitan, it's easy to get your hands on a bottle of Hangar 1 rosé-flavored vodka, since Hangar 1 is a pretty well-known liquor brand. Apparently, it's available at most liquor stores (call your local store ahead of time to make sure), and it's also for sale at the Hangar 1 distillery in Alameda, California. If ordering online is more your style (same), you can easily snag yourself a bottle at It's super simple to get your hands on some, and I'm so freaking excited to actually give it a shot (wow, get it? I am so punny).

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If you had a similar college experience to mine, a medley of wild nights probably ruined most types of flavored vodka. I'm embarrassed to say that Raspberry Smirnoff was, in fact, my pick of poison. I regret every shot I've ever taken of it, and every "Kool-Aid Smirnoff" cocktail I've ever concocted. Gross, I know. But, with the recent creation of rosé-flavored vodka, my stance on flavored vodka might be totally and utterly warped.

Renowned vodka company, Hangar 1, made the ingenious discovery that combining rosé and vodka is actually doable, according to Cosmopolitan. Yup, it seems like there's no possible way this can't be awesome. Apparently, Hangar 1's rosé-flavored vodka lacks the nasty artificial flavorings that plagues most flavored vodkas, and gives off a natural rosé aftertaste by combining distilled vodka with Northern California rosé, which consists of Petit Verdot and White Meritage. It seriously sounds so freaking legit, and I am currently raking the interwebs to get my hands on some.

Per Cosmopolitan, Hangar 1's rosé-flavored vodka emulates the same beautiful shade of regular rosé wine (it definitely gives off those millennial pink vibes, if you catch my drift). The only part that sounds initially questionable is that it doesn't smell like the fruity rosé we know and love; unfortunately, it gives off whiffs of vodka (aka, it's pretty stanky). Although its initial smell isn't the fruity flavor of rosé we know and love, rosé-flavored vodka leaves a sweet, rosé-like aftertaste. Apparently, it's kinda flowery, but also sort of fruity. Hangar 1's rosé-flavored vodka honestly sounds delicious, and maybe a little dangerous. Considering the fact that vodka's intense aftertaste is usually what prohibits most of us from taking yet another shot, a rosé aftertaste will make seconds a little bit more enticing. Drink responsibly, everyone.

Maybe you're more of a rosé drinker, or you might just be a super avid vodka fan (in which case, you probably can't be trusted... JK). Regardless, rosé-flavored vodka sounds like the perfect plus-one to a party, the best movie night guest, and the go-to book club addition. And luckily, it's here just in time for Valentine's Day (wahoo!). My millennial pink sense are quite literally tingling, and I'm really needing some of that floral and fruity goodness in my life. Again, drink responsibly; this vodka is bound to make every day taste like summer.

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