7 Women Reveal The Most Cringe-Worthy Thanksgiving Moments They Had With Their Partner’s Family

With no presents to distract you, nor fireworks to watch (in silence), Thanksgiving can be a time for a lot of family awkwardness. You're in a room eating, a football game playing in the background, the one "radical" sibling informing everyone about the history of genocide and colonialism in America (c'est moi). Of course, at it's best, Turkey Day is a time to tell your loved ones that you care about them and to cultivate gratitude for all that you have.

Spending Thanksgiving with your partner’s family can be a beautiful next step in your relationship. Or it can be really, really weird. Apart from fun fall outfits and endless plates of food, for a lot of people, Thanksgiving is a time spent with family, so getting invited to your boo's holiday meal is a big deal. The first (or first couple) Thanksgivings you share with your partner may be a little awkward. You're meeting a lot of people, you're trying to make a good impression, and you're trying to enjoy your time with bae.

If you've had a seamless transition into your partner's family holidays, go you! For the many of us who have racked up awkward Thanksgivings longer than a CVS receipt — swapping tales can make the embarrassment creep away.

I spoke with seven women about their most cringe-worthy moments during Thanksgiving at bae's, and honestly, we're still shook.

Heard it through the heating vent.
My boyfriend's childhood bedroom was in the basement and the first time I went to his parents' for Thanksgiving we thought no one was home and were dirty talking in his room. His mom heard the whole thing from the air vent and sent him a really awkward text. I had to spend the next day helping her in the kitchen feeling so embarrassed.

— Staci, 19

It's not you, it's your girlfriend.
No lie, freshman year of college I started dating someone I met the first day of classes. My parents lived far away and his were close, so we went to his house for Thanksgiving. Lo and behold, he was still dating his high school girlfriend, and was planning on breaking up with her when she was back home for Thanksgiving break. His parents clearly had not heard of me and were wondering why I was there and asking when the girlfriend was coming over.

— Jenna, 22

Out and about.
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My girlfriends parents were in such denial about her being gay at the first Thanksgiving I came to. They kept calling me her friend and asking if I had a boyfriend.

—Kendra, 23*

Sleep walking on sunshine
The first time my boyfriend stayed at my parents' house was Thanksgiving night. We all had been drinking since noon and crashed pretty early. In the middle of the night I woke up and he wasn't sleeping next to me. I walked around my house looking for him wondering if he had grabbed a late night snack. He had sleep-walked into my dad's room and was asleep on my dad's bed next to my sleeping dad! My step-mom came in and found them and was howling-laughing.

— Jules, 28

I don't cook.
My partner's mom expected me to help with the meal and wouldn't believe me when I said I didn't cook. I burnt the pie and literally had to sit at the kid's table.

— Myka, 20*

It is you.
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I had been getting weird vibes about my relationship and thinking it was coming to a close. I reluctantly went to their house with them for Thanksgiving, but after seeing how cold they were to their baby cousins and rude to their mom I was out the door done. I slept on the couch and got a solo bus ticket for the next day.

— Catt, 25*

Too soon.
His grandma asked me if I was pregnant and then about what 'protection' we used. Clearly he hadn't told her I was trans and pregnancy was not in our future. I hid behind the stuffing and waited for it to be over.

— Ella, 23

If you've had a cringe-worthy Thanksgiving at a partner's rest assured you are not alone. May these turkey tales make you laugh, cry, and be thankful your own family is who they are. If you're headed to a partner's house for the first time this year, don't worry. You'll either have an amazing time or an amazing story to tell for years to come.

*Names have been changed